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A sample of a cover song by Sainte Séïa
"Smoke and Mirrors", composed by Jayn

Sainte Séïa is an YouTube singer. She has a powerful voice and put a lot of feelings into everything she sings. She usually sings creepy songs or low ballads. She writes and sings a lot of French translyrics but sometimes, she does covers in Japanese.

Her first cover was Loulou's lullaby (La berceuse de Loulou), released in January 2015. She wrote translyrics and did a drawing for this cover. Her most viewed video is her French version of Smoke and Mirrors with about over 374K views as of November 2016. She wrote the translyrics for this song and they have been used by other French YouTube singers such as Valshamr.

Aside from singing, she also draws and voice acts.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of mera-mera with Marika, Lala and Poucet (in the Blank*Space Battle Royal)
  2. Member of No Time No Tune with Aya, Little-chip, My-ëVe, Rena, Sumashu and TBK.
  3. Member of EOL with Aya, Jaimee, Kerri, Little-chip, My-ëVe, SukinaK and T3VY (in the Lyrica System Online.

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Loulou's lullaby" (La berceuse de Loulou) (01.26.2015)
  2. "Aim to be a pokemon master " (02.03.2015)
  3. "Anata no kokoro ni " (02.11.2015)
  4. "Honoo no sadame " (02.19.2015)
  5. "Kitto Ashita wa" (03.01.2015)
  6. "Catch you, catch me ! " (03.08.2015)
  7. "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu " (03.19.2015)
  8. "Hide and seek " (03.24.2015)
  9. "Pegasus Fantasy" (04.01.2015)
  10. "Itoshii hito e" (04.28.2015)
  11. "Watashi no kare wa Pilot ! " (05.12.2015)
  12. "Shinigami no Ballad " (05.16.2015)
  13. "Issei no sei" feat. Megumi (05.31.2015)
  14. "Lalalila lalila " (06.17.2015)
  15. "Die in a fire " (07.16.2015)
  16. "Creeping toward the door " (08.24.2015)
  17. "All gummed up inside " (10.07.2015)
  18. "Wound " (10.31.2015)
  19. "Smoke and Mirrors " (12.09.2015)
  20. "Mairieux " (12.25.2015)
  21. "Moonlight Densetsu " (01.18.2016)
  22. "Pokemon Johto " feat. Lala, Mayu, My-ëVe, Shunrik (01.27.2016)
  23. "Hitorinbo Envy " (04.16.2016)
  24. "Petit Bonhomme " feat.Mad Dog, Mad Stalker (05.10.2016)
  25. "One more time, one more chance " (05.24.2016)
  26. "Bacterial Contamination " (10.31.2016)


Séïa Little-chip
Séïa as seen in her cover of Darker Halloween Yum Yummy Gillia
Séïa kimi o daita mama
Séïa as seen in her cover of Yoiyami no Shirabe


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