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A sample of a cover song by Sandy
"We Are Never Ever Going To Lane Together" (Parody), original by Taylor Swift

Sandy Rojas also known as Popushi is a YouTube singer who sings in English, Japanese and Spanish, and covers VOCALOID songs, Anime songs, American, and J-Pop music. She sometimes does League of Legends parodies of songs.

Her most popular cover is her League of Legends parody "Feeder", with over 670K views on YouTube as of April 2014.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Cha-La Head Cha-La" (Dragon Ball Z song) (2009.10.15)
  2. "magnet" -French ver.- (2009.10.22)
  3. "Dote Up A Cat!" -English ver.- (2009.12.21)
  4. "All I Want For Christmas" (2009.12.26)
  5. "Ura Omote Lovers" (Two Faced Lovers) (2009.12.28)
  6. "Kiss My Lips" (2010.01.09)
  7. "Just Be Friends" (2010.02.15)
  8. "Ren'ai Circulation" (Love Circulation) (2010.03.04)
  9. "Let Me Be With You" (2010.04.05)
  10. "Balance KISS" (2010.07.12)
  11. "A Whole New World" (2010.08.05)
  12. "Sobakasu" (Freckles) -English ver.- (2010.08.13)
  13. "My Secret" -Spanish ver.- (2010.09.04)
  14. "Juvenile" feat. Sandy and Chanelle (2010.09.09)
  15. "S.T.A.R.S" (2010.10.04)
  16. "God Only Knows" -English ver.- (2010.11.15)
  17. "Happy Valentines Day!" (2011.02.15)
  18. "Destin Histoire" (2011.03.19)
  19. "Melt" (2011.07.01)
  20. "Hello / How Are You" (2011.07.08)
  21. "No Surprises" (2011.08.14)
  22. "Catch You Catch Me" (2011.11.05)
  23. "Tobira wo Akete" -Spanish ver.- (2011.11.08)
  24. "Matryoshka" -English ver.- (2011.12.14)
  25. "Call Me, Maybe?" (Parody) (2012.05.28)
  26. "PONPONPON" -English ver.- (2012.06.18)
  27. "Kuusou Mythology" (2012.07.04)
  28. "Okkusenman" -English ver.- (2012.07.28)
  29. "Tonari no JK" (The High School Girl Next to Me) -English ver.- feat. Sandy and Kenny (2012.08.16)
  30. "We Are Never Ever Going To Lane Together" (Taylor Swift song) (Parody) (2012.09.27)
  31. "Pisuto Star☆SMILE" (2012.11.11)
  32. "CONNECT" -English ver.- feat. Sandy and CinnamonPunch (2012.12.03)
  33. "Welcome to Urf" (2012.12.15)
  34. "Panda Hero" -English ver.- (2012.12.28)
  35. "Part of That League" (Parody of "Part of Your World") (2013.01.20)
  36. "Fashion Monster" -English ver.- (2013.02.15)
  37. "Libera Me From Kawaii" (Parody of "Row Row Kiwi Powa") -Rap ver.- feat. Sandy, Aria and Rob (2013.03.15)
  38. "Thresh Prince of Despair" (Parody of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air") (2013.03.24)
  39. "One Week" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.04.10)
  40. "Hajimete Shimashou" (2013.05.26)
  41. "Bot Lane" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.06.09)
  42. "Gee" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.07.03)
  43. "Super Carry" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.07.10)
  44. "Owen Was Her" feat. Sandy and Rob (2013.07.15)
  45. "Feeder" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.07.29)
  46. "Infinite Light" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.08.25)
  47. "clock lock works" -English ver.- (2013.09.12)
  48. "Popipopoison" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.09.15)
  49. "Penguin" (2013.10.05)
  50. "I'm Still Due Quede" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.10.06)
  51. "Love is a Stapler" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2013.11.17)
  52. "Love is an Open Door" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- feat. Sonny and Sandy (2014.01.14)
  53. "For the First Time in Forever" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- feat. Sonny and Sandy (2014.01.28)
  54. "Let it Go" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2014.02.06)
  55. "Carries" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2014.03.08)
  56. "Let the Helix Fossil Lead You" (Parody of Shakira song) -Pokemon ver.- (2014.03.20)
  57. "Rapid Fire" (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (collab) (2014.04.08)
  58. "Neon Lights" (Demi Lovato song) (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2014.06.22)
  59. "Berzerk" (Eminem song) (Parody) -League of Legends ver.- (2014.07.07)



Sandy as seen on Twitter
Sandy as seen on Facebook
Sandy twitter
Sandy as seen on Twitter


  • She is aiming to become a professional voice actor
  • She owns two pet ferrets named Kimchi and Anzee.
  • She loves playing League of Legends, and games in general.

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