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This page is about the YouTube singer LemonTea, not to be confused with the YouTube singer Lemon.

A sample of a cover song by Shannon
"The Beast" -English ver.-, composed by SpectacleP, lyrics by nano

Lemon also known as Shannon (シャノン) is a YouTube singer with a smooth, versatile and feminine voice. However her voice can get husky and powerful as well, such as in her cover of "daze".

She often collabs with Lucy, whom she calls her "wife".

She first started on YouTube creating parody videos for the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and gained initial fame on YouTube as LemonTea62, with similarly styled videos with the anime Umineko no Naku Koro Ni until she was encouraged to start singing after releasing the video "Shannon's Super Servant Song". Her YouTube channel LemonTeaBloops was created to house her bloopers from the series but after it was abandoned, she started to release covers.

Her most popular cover is "Credens Justitiam" from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, with over 200K views as of September 2017.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[edit | edit source]

  1. Member of FamryTree
  2. Member of ЯE:DONE (in the VOCA★FUSION Chorus Battle)
  3. Member of ?????? with K*chan, LucyHasYou and mong (in the vocaFX)
  4. Participant of the KCEDB1 and the KCEDB2 with Lucy
  5. Member of OTL Fantasy with Aya me, Juu, Lucy, Megumi, NiNa, Poucet, ReiRei, Sumashu, Syren and Xandu (in the Serendipity Chorus Battle)
  6. Member of Hexakill (in the Fαвℓєѕ of Cʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴏɴ Chorus Battle)
  7. Member of ❀PIMA!! (in the Lyrica System Online 2016)
  8. Member of етea✿real with Kuri~n and Haru (in the TTB2015)
  9. Member of LuHaMoncy with Lucy and Haru
  10. Member of McDonald Trumpets with Aruvn (in the Youtaite Prom 2016)

List of Covered Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. "Tales of Vesperia - Kane wo Narashite" -English ver.- (2010.04.17)
  2. "1925" feat. Shannon and Suvi (2010.05.06)
  3. "Lost my music" (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu insert song) (Parody) (2010.05.29)
  4. "BPM" (2010.05.29)
  5. "Alice" feat. Shannon, Rant, Yami, Rina, Kouko, Suvi and Kuro (2010.06.16)
  6. "Ashita Kuru Hi" (2010.06.25)
  7. "Black ★ Rock Shooter" feat. Shannon and Lucy (2010.06.25)
  8. "Hello/How Are You" (2010.08.24)
  9. "Rolling Girl" feat. Shannon and Lucy (2010.09.26)
  10. "Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night" feat. Shannon and Rika (2010.09.29) (Deleted)
  11. "Mozaik Role" (2010.10.11)
  12. "Hope" (2011.01.21)
  13. "Suki Kirai" (Like Dislike) feat. Lemon and Lucy (2011.03.19)
  14. "Lily Lily★Burning Night" feat. Lemon and Moon (2011.05.21)
  15. "Happy Synthesizer" feat. Lemon, Lucy, Kuuki and Sara (FamryTree) (2011.06.05)
  16. "I'm Alive" (Kuroshitsuji ED) feat. Lemon, Caspy, Fuuko, Chie, Kuro, Gulru and Kuuki (2011.06.18)
  17. "Laika" feat. Lemon and Lucy (2011.08.24)
  18. "Tengaku" (Heaven's Song) -Short ver.- (2011.08.28) (Private)
  19. "Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei" (Ah, What a Wonderful Cat's Life) feat. Lemon and Kura (2011.11.20)
  20. "Ukimeguri Satisfaction" (2011.12.03) (Deleted)
  21. "Kare wa Kaeru Koro ni wa Kanarazu Shinda Furi wo Shiteimasu." (By The Time He Gets Home, I Always Pretend To Be Dead) feat. Lemon and Lucy (2011.12.25)
  22. "Inazuma Eleven - Ryuusei Boy" feat. Lemon and her father (2012.01.01)
  23. "DoReMiFa Rondo" -English parody ver.- (2012.01.22)
  24. "Marionette" (Entry of the VOCA★FUSION Chorus Battle) feat. ЯE:DONE (2012.01.23)
  25. "Samurai Tama" (Samurai Soul) feat. Lemon, Doubie, Joakkar, Kura (2012.02.13)
  26. "The Beast" -English ver.- (2012.02.25)
  27. "Pray For" feat. Lemon and Lucy (2012.03.15)
  28. "Bokura no Uta" (Our Song) (29 persons chorus) (2012.04.14)
  29. "Campanella" feat. Lemon and Rin (SeasonalSweets) (2012.05.01)
  30. "Under The Sea" feat. Lemon, iLK, Lucy and Niiro (FamryTree) (2012.05.04)
  31. "LucyHasYou Medley" feat. Lemon, Ilk, Pengu, KoKo, Niiro and K-chan (2012.05.17)
  32. "Omoide Kakera" (Memory Fragments) feat.Lemon and Lucy -English ver.- (2012.06.01)
  33. "1925" -English Acoustic ver.- feat. lemon and Miki (2012.06.08)
  34. "The Forgotten Song" (Entry of the KCEDB1) feat. Lemon and Lucy (2012.06.20)
  35. "(Previews)" (2012.06.30)
  36. "I" (Entry of the KCEDB1) feat. Lucy and Lemon (2012.07.02)
  37. "Setsuna Trip" (Entry of the KCEDB1) feat. Lucy and Lemon (2012.07.17)
  38. "The Fun Song" feat. Lemon, Anba, Lucy and Gulru (2012.07.28)
  39. "VOCACYPHER" (2012.08.07)
  40. "Isshin Furan" (Fullheartedly) (2012.08.25)
  41. "Kimi no Te, Boku no Te" (Your Hand, My Hand) feat. Lemon and Niiro (2012.08.29)
  42. "Hatsukoi Gakuen・Jun'ai Ka" (First Love Academy・Pure Love Dept.) (2012.09.24)
  43. "Zzz" (Nichijou song) -English ver.- (2012.10.07)
  44. "Yumekui Shirokuro Baku" (Monochrome Dream-Eating Baku) feat. Lemon and Rinnie (2012.11.01)
  45. "Yī Èr Fanclub" (1,2 Fanclub) feat. Lemon and Niiro (2012.11.03)
  46. "Hysteria" feat. Lemon, Lucy, Saint, Gulru, Ichiki and Niiro (2012.12.09)
  47. "WAVE" feat. Lemon and Lucy (2012.12.10)
  48. "Freyja System" (2012.12.29)
  49. "Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai!" (Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!) (2012.04.29) feat. Lemon and Lucy
  50. "Maji Love 1000%" -Acoustic ver.- feat. Anba, ehmz, Lemon and hakubai (2013.02.13)
  51. "Kashokusei: Idol Shoukougun" (2013.02.14)
  52. "Kamisama Nejimaki" feat. Lucy and Lemon (2013.02.25)
  53. "Campanella/Lost and Found" (2013.02.28)
  54. "Spectacle Tune" (2013.03.17) feat. Lemon and Lucy
  55. "Jabberwocky Jabberwocka" feat. Lemon and Rin (SeasonalSweets) (2013.03.30)
  56. "Pedal Heart" feat. Azure and Lemon (2013.04.13)
  57. "sacred secret" (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. ?????? (2013.04.18)
  58. "Credens Justitiam" (2013.04.27)
  59. "Guren no Yumiya" (2013.05.20)
  60. "Raden no Hone" (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. ?????? (2013.06.18)
  61. "Souzou Forest" (2013.07.12)
  62. "Itazura Nipou-Chou" (Entry of the KCEDB2) feat. Lucy and Lemon (2013.08.11)
  63. "Ren'ai Yuusha" (Love Hero) feat. Lemon and Anba (2013.08.23) (deleted)
  64. "Hyaku-nen no Rondo" (Entry of the KCEDB2) feat. Lemon and Lucy (2013.08.29)
  65. "Raspberry*Monster" (2013.09.01)
  66. "H-Game Medley" (17 singers collab) (2013.09.07)
  67. "Tokio Funka" (Entry of the KCEDB2) feat. Lemon and Lucy (2013.09.17)
  68. "Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!" (Watamote! OP) feat. Lemon and Xiox (2013.09.22)
  69. "Kagachi" (2013.10.06) (Private)
  70. "Kouon Kuriya On'iki Test" feat. Lucy and Lemon (2013.10.20)
  71. "Splatter Party" feat. Lemon and Rin (SeasonalSweets) (2013.11.16)
  72. "Phantom Thief F's Scenario ~Mystery of the Missing Diamond" (11 singers collab) (2013.11.26)
  73. "Daisy" Nv.gif (Kyoukai no Kanata ED) (2013.12.09)
  74. "E? Aa, sou." -Ib ver.- (2013.12.24)
  75. "Day by Day" feat. Bakapai, Erin, Suki, Yoonshin, Nami (hamsterchi), Jenna, Rachel and Lemon (2014.01.02)
  76. "Let it Go" -League of Legends parody ver.- (2014.01.05)
  77. "Love is an Open Door" (Frozen OST) feat. Lucy and Lemon (2014.01.23)
  78. "Heisei Jidai no Youkai Jijou" (2014.02.03)
  79. "Exit" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. OTL Fantasy (2014.02.09)
  80. "For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)" (Frozen OST) feat. Lemon and ? (2014.02.16)
  81. "Tengaku" feat. Xiox and Lemon (2014.03.01)
  82. "Word Karma" (2014.03.12)
  83. "Flame Heart" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. OTL (2014.03.22)
  84. "Tokyo no Mannaka de Nekorobu" (Laying Down in the Center of Tokyo) (2014.04.02)
  85. "ebb and flow" (Nagi no Asukara OP2) feat. LemonTea and Serraphi
  86. "Singason" (12 person collab) (2014.04.25)
  87. "Tsuki no Youkai" (2014.05.01)
  88. "Synchronicity" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) -Mashup- feat. OTL (2014.05.04)
  89. "daze" (Mekakucity Actors OP) (2014.05.14)
  90. "Party × Party" feat. ikon, Usachii, renna, Reba, Vulkain, and LemonTea (2014.04.25)
  91. "Otogibanashi" (Fakery Tale) -English ver.- feat. Lemon and Gray (2014.06.16)
  92. "ELECT" feat. Anba, Carmen, Ciel*, Gray, Haru, Howl, Juu and Lemon (2014.06.17)
  93. "Otogibanashi" (Fakery Tale) feat. Lucy, Lemon, Beato, Akari, Seka, Juu, Kenta, Ken, Igx, Mango and Hammu (2014.07.05)
  94. "Every Heart" (InuYasha ED) feat. Lemon and Haru (2014.07.11)
  95. "Ton Ton Mae!" feat. Lemon and Carmen (2014.07.11)
  96. "Outer Science" (2014.07.17)
  97. "Unravel My Burrito" (2014.08.16)
  98. "Soldier Game" feat. Haru, Lucy and Lemon (2014.08.30)
  99. "Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou" (Hyadain's Best of Friendships) -English ver.- feat. Jefferz and LemonTea (2014.09.01)
  100. "Yuukei Yesterday" feat. LemonTea and Oompa Loompas (harmony) (2014.09.23)
  101. "Terror" feat. Haru, Lucy and Lemon (2014.10.26)
  102. "Setsuna Drive" (Entry of the FCCB) feat. Hexakill (2014.10.28)
  103. "niki Acoustic Medley" (2014.11.12)
  104. "Sasanqua" -English ver. - feat. LemonTea and Jefferz (2014.11.22)
  105. "Zoetrope" (Amnesia OP) (Entry of the FCCB) feat. Hexakill (2014.12.08)
  106. "Eine Kleine" (2014.12.25)
  107. "Rimokon" feat. LemonTea and Ryuu (2014.12.13)
  108. "Squinty Little Virgin" feat. Ryuu and LemonTea (2015.01.04)
  109. "Mottainai to Rando" (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Song) feat. LemonTea and Pozu (2015.01.06)
  110. "Immoralist" (Dragon Crisis OP) (Entry of the FCCB) feat. Hexakill (2015.01.19)
  111. "Ambiguous" (Kill la Kill OP2) feat. Haru, LemonTea, and Carmen (2015.01.19)
  112. "Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo" (The Earth's Final Confession) -English ver.- feat. LemonTea and Panda (2015.02.13)
  113. "Heimen Setsu" (Plane Theory) -Acoustic ver.- (2015.02.22)
  114. "shake it!" -English Rap ver.- feat. Serraphi and LemonTea (2015.03.14)
  115. "Hikaru Nara" (If It Shines) (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OP) feat. Haru, Lucy, and LemonTea (2015.04.01)
  116. "Hello, shooting-star" (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ED) (2015.04.17)
  117. "Hacking to the Gate" (Steins;Gate OP) -TV Size ver.- (2015.05.02)
  118. "Connecting" feat. Reba, Renna, ikon, LemonTea, Nova, and Usachii (2015.06.15)
  119. "Fubuki" (Kantai Collection ED) (Entry of the TTB2015) feat. етea✿real (2015.06.20)
  120. "La Vanille" (2015.07.13)
  121. "Matryoshka" feat. LemonTea and Aruvn (2015.07.21)
  122. "Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau" (Fate/Zero ED2) (Entry of the 2015) feat. етea✿real (2015.07.30)
  123. "Tokyo Karan Koron" (Shokugeki no Souma ED1) -English TV Size ver.- feat. Kuraiinu and LemonTea (2015.08.01)
  124. "Our Favorite Song" (2015.08.02)
  125. "Jitter Doll" feat. LemonTea and Haru (2015.08.10)
  126. "Sakura Uta" feat. Karo and LemonTea (2015.08.13)
  127. "Avenir" (2015.08.19)
  128. "Close to you" -Acoustic ver.- feat. Angela, LemonTea, Panda, and Toushi (2015.09.06)
  129. "Spinning World" (Naruto Shippuden ED32) (Entry of the TTB2015) feat. етea✿real (2015.09.12)
  130. "Hey Silly!" (10 cm song) (2015.09.13)
  131. "Give me Moneeeeeeeeeey!!!" (2015.10.28)
  132. "Blessing" feat. Reba, Renna, ikon, Shannon, SquaDus, and Kasuka (2015.12.18)
  133. "TOKIO FUNKA" feat. Shannon and Aruvn (2015.12.24)
  134. "Sorry" (Justin Bieber song) (2016.01.05)
  135. "Sasabune" (Bamboo Boats) (2016.01.24)
  136. "Hajime ni" -English ver.- feat. Shannon (2016.01.25)
  137. "Love Bug" (Jonas Brothers song) (2016.02.14)
  138. "Eine Kleine" (2016.03.07) (reupload)
  139. "Aqua's Song" (Fire Emblem Fates song) -Rap Extend ver.- feat. Shannon and datenkou (2016.03.13)
  140. "Sora mo Toberu Hazu" (Tsuritama ED) feat. Shannon and Sealy (2016.03.20)
  141. "Gekkou Symphonia" (Aquarion EVOL ED) feat. Vulkain and Shannon (2016.04.02)
  142. "Flyers" (Death Parade OP) (2016.05.02)
  143. "We can sing a song!" feat. Biscuit, Shannon, Fyre, Chase, Sumashu, Jefferz, and Aruvn (2016.05.06)
  144. "Summertime Record" feat. Shannon and Aruvn (2016.05.13)
  145. "DEPARTURE" (One Piece OP19) (Entry of the LSO) feat. ❀PIMA!! (2016.06.26)
  146. "U R" (Taeyeon song) (2016.07.09)
  147. "Shounen Brave" -Acoustic ver.- (2016.07.23)
  148. "Wake Up!" (One Piece OP17) (Entry of the LSO) feat. ❀PIMA!! (2016.08.07)
  149. "Rainy Drops" feat. Em, Freyja, Jan, Reisen, Risu, Eri, Hana, Shannon, and SeasonalSweets (2016.08.13)
  150. "Polaris" (Aimer song) -Piano Arrange ver.- (2016.09.04)
  151. "You and Beautiful World" -English Acoustic ver.- feat. Caspy, Haru, Latto, Maiko, Rin, Shannon, Sohly, and xiao (2016.09.05)
  152. "Mystic Messenger OP" (2016.09.17)
  153. "Paintër ✦ "Color Your World" Edition" ft. Angela, Aruvn, Dari, Hiro, Roo, Saki, Shannon, Sumashu (2016.09.28)
  154. "Chouchou Musubi" (Aimer song) (2017.07.21)
  155. "Deal with the devil" (Kakegurui OP) (2017.09.13)
  156. "Shounen Heart" (Eureka Seven OP) (2017.11.30)
  157. "brilliant" (Acoustic Arrange) (2017.12.27)
  158. "Here" (Mahoutsukai no Yome OP1) -TV Size- (2018.03.21)
  159. "Dareka, Umi wo" (Zankyou no Terror ED) -English ver.- (2018.08.19)
  160. "Roki" (MikitoP cover, duet with original vocals) (2019.01.27)
  161. "Akatsuki" (Akatsuki no Yona ED2) feat. pKotetsu, xiao (2019.06.06)
  162. "Grand Escape" (Tenki no Ko OST) feat. Noel Noir -English ver.- (2019.08.04)
  163. "Inanna no Mita Yume" (Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru PS3 OP) (2020.07.11)
  164. "Baka Mitai" (Yakuza OST) (2020.08.09)

Songs on SoundCloud[edit | edit source]

  1. "UR" (Taeyeon song) (2016.10.07)
  2. "Avenir" (2016.10.07)
  3. "Eine Kleine" (2016.10.07)
  4. "Give me Moneeeeeeeeeey!!!" (2016.10.07)
  5. "Hello,shooting-star" (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ED) (2016.10.07)
  6. "Hey Silly" (10cm song) (2016.10.07)
  7. "daze" (Mekakucity Actors OP) (2016.10.07)
  8. "Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo" (The Earth's Final Confession) -English ver.- feat. Shannon and Panda (2016.10.07)
  9. "unravel" (Tokyo Ghoul OP) (2016.10.07)
  10. "Outer Science" (2016.10.07)
  11. "Tsuki no Youkai" (2016.10.07)
  12. "Sasabune" (2016.10.07)
  13. "nikiP medley" (2016.10.07)
  14. "Sorry" (2016.10.07)
  15. "Raspberry*Monster" (2016.10.07)
  16. "Shounen Brave" (2016.10.07)
  17. "Tokyo no Mannaka de Nekorobu" (Laying Down in the Center of Tokyo) (2016.10.07)
  18. "Heisei Jidai no Youkai Jijou" (2016.10.07)
  19. "Heimensetsu" (Plane Theory) (2016.10.07)
  20. "The Beast." -English ver.- (2016.10.07)
  21. "Mysterious Messenger" (Mystic Messenger OP) (2016.10.07)
  22. "Polaris" (2016.10.07)
  23. "Yume no Mata Yume" (The Dream of Another Dream) (2016.10.15) (No YT)
  24. "Chouchou Musubi" (Aimer song) (2017.07.21)
  25. "Deal with the devil" (Kakegerui OP) (2017.09.13)
  26. "Shounen Heart" (Eureka Seven OP) (2017.11.30)
  27. "brilliant" (Acoustic Arrange) (2017.12.27)
  28. "Here" (Mahoutsukai no Yome OP1) -TV Size- (2018.03.20)
  29. "Roki" (MikitoP cover, duet with original vocals) (2019.01.28)
  30. "Akatsuki" (Akatsuki no Yona ED2) (2019.04.15)

Discography[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Lucy x Lemon.png
Lucy (left) and Lemon as seen in their duet of "Campanella/Lost and Found"
Illust. by Mitsuki
Lemon tumblr.png
Lemon as seen in tumblr.
Illust. by Mitsuki
Lemon vocaFX r2.png
Lemon as seen in vocaFX r2
Illust. by Kumi
Lemon as seen on YouTube
Lemon Renai Yuusha.png
Lemon as seen in her duet cover of "Ren'ai Yuusha"
Illust. by Mitsuki
Lemon as seen in her collab cover of "Hysteri"
Illust. by Kumi and LuluSeason
Sacred secret vocafx ??????.png
From left to right: K-chan, Lemon, Lucy and mong as seen in their collab cover of "sacred secret"
Illust. by Kumi
Lemon Hysteri.png
Lemon as seen in her collab cover of "Hysteri"
Illust. by Kumi and LuluSeason
Lemon elect.png
Lemon as seen in her collab cover of "ELECT"
Illust. by Acca
Scb lemon by huni kun-d74rcid.png
Lemon as seen in "Exit"
Illust. by Vee and Megumi
Lemon by huni kun-d7az267.png
Lemon as seen in "Flame Heart"
Illust. by Vee
Scb3 lemon by huni kun-d7g91gw.png
Lemon as seen in "Synchronicity"
Illust. by mell, Vee and gyoza
LuHaMoncy Soldier Game.png
LuHaMoncy as seen in "Soldier Game"
Illust. by Dadel and Kuromai
LuHaMoncy Terrorism.png
LuHaMoncy as seen in "Terror"
Illust. by Yunnie
Shannon by Meru.png
Lemon drawn by Meru, commissioned by Lemon herself
Shannon by LazyCoffee.png
Lemon drawn by LazyCoffee and used as Lemon's Twitter avatar

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name comes from the fact that she likes lemon tea.[3]
  • She met Lucy over Ustream on December 17, 2009.[4]
  • Her "wedding anniversary" with Lucy is February 26.
  • Her favorite movie is Spirited Away.[5]
  • She can play the piano.[6]
  • Her favourite food is, "Whatever her Mum makes" but she dislikes vegetables, especially eggplants.[7]
  • She is not good at cooking.[8]
  • She is a big fan of Michael Jackson.[9]
  • She is dating Sealy (@rlaxownd on Twitter).[10]
  • Although she's Canadian, her dad works in Japan, so she is living there with him.[11]
  • She uses a Samson C01U microphone for recording and Adobe Audition 1.5 for mixing.[12]

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