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A sample of a cover song by Shuiyuanwuyi
"sister's noise", Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP

Shuiyuanwuyi (水縁無憶) is a Chinese utaite, who often sings anime songs. She also often sings songs of KOTOKO, especially when she first started covering songs, as she is a fan of them. She also sings some VOCALOID songs, though more rarely.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Generation A" Nv (2008.10.29)
  2. "Nee,... Shiyouyo!" Nv (KOTOKO song) (2008.11.09)
  3. "United Force" Nv (Kuribayashi Minami song) (2009.02.13)
  4. "disintegration" Nv (Lia song) (2009.03.25)
  5. "Roshin Yuukai" Nv (2009.03.25)
  6. "Roshin Yuukai" Nv (2009.03.28)
  7. "Melt" Nv (2009.03.30)
  8. "Collective" Nv (KOTOKO song) (2009.03.30)
  9. "Suppuration-core-」 Nv (2009.04.07)
  10. "Tameiki Clover" Nv (KOTOKO song) (2009.04.09)
  11. "「Cave" Nv (KOTOKO song) (2009.04.14)
  12. " Resotoration ~ Chinmoku no Sora ~" Nv (KOTOKO song) (2009.04.20)
  13. "Romeo to Cinderella" Nv (2009.04.20)
  14. "Don't say "lazy"" Nv (K-ON! ED) (2009.04.22)
  15. "Muv-Luv" Nv (Kuribayashi Minami song) (2009.04.29)
  16. "We Survive" Nv (KOTOKO song) (2009.05.05)
  17. "Sweet Bitter Beauty Song" Nv (K-ON! ED) (2009.06.15)
  18. "Onaji Sora no Shita de" Nv (KOTOKO song) (2009.11.29)
  19. "only my railgun" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP) (2009.12.06)
  20. "Bad Apple!!" Nv (Touhou) (2010.01.20)
  21. "Kimi Ga Kureta Ano Hi" Nv -reupload- (2010.01.30)
  22. "Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa" Nv (2010.03.04)
  23. "Smiling" Nv feat. Amesuna, Miya, Shuiyuanwuyi SASAKI, Kaoko and Ryoka (2010.03.30)
  24. "Listen!!" Nv (K-ON! ED) (2010.05.01)
  25. "Yubikiri" Nv (2010.05.09)
  26. "LEVEL5 -judgelight-" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP) (2010.05.17)
  27. "Eien" Nv (2010.06.13)
  28. "ACUTE" Nv feat. Shuiyuanwuyi, Guriri and Vin (2010.06.17)
  29. "an evening calm" Nv (fripSide song) (2010.06.24)
  30. "Just Be Friends" Nv (2010.07.12)
  31. "Oshiete A to Z" Nv (B Gata H Kei OP) (2010.08.10)
  32. "Hoshikuzu Utopia" Nv (Stardust Utopia) (2010.09.11)
  33. "No, Thank You!" Nv (K-ON! ED) (2010.09.16)
  34. "fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-" Nv (fripSide song) (2010.10.29)
  35. "World's End・Dancehall" Nv -English ver.- feat. Shuiyuanwuyi and POPPY (2010.11.06)
  36. "Mind As Judgment" Nv (2010.11.22)
  37. "Future Gazer" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA) (2011.01.24)
  38. "Re-sublimity" Nv (Kannazuki no Miko OP) (2011.05.20)
  39. "Yume to Hazakura" Nv (2011.07.20)
  40. "secret base ~ Kimi ga Kuretamono ~" Nv feat. Shuiyuanwuyi, Inory and Tou Gentsuki (2011.08.21)
  41. "fate/zero op「oath sign」" Nv (2011.12.25)
  42. "Connect" Nv (Mahou Shouko Madoka Magica OP) -DANCE mix- feat. Shuiyuanwuyi and POPPY (2012.01.11)
  43. "Gyakkou no Flügel" Nv (Senki Zesshou Symphogear song) (2012.03.10)
  44. "Boku to Watashi to Nico Nico Douga" Nv (collab) (2012.09.14)
  45. "virgin suicides" Nv (2013.04.30)
  46. "sister's noise" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP) (2013.05.22)
  47. "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" feat. Shuiyuanwuyi, Chalili and Feixue (2014.02.21)



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