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Note: This sample is linked to the utaite's own upload on YouTube, as he has forbidden reprints to video sharing sites outside of Nico Nico Douga and his own channel on YouTube.

A sample of a cover song by Swi
"me me she" -Acoustic ver.-, original by RADWIMPS

Swi (すぃ), alternately romanized as Swy, also known as Yoshikawa Taiki (吉川大暉, Taiki Yoshikawa), and by his real name, Mizukawa Taichi (水川汰一, Taichi Mizukawa), is a fairly new utaite known for his song arrangements and crisp, calming and highly versatile voice. He is noted to have a very large vocal range; although he usually sings in a mid-range register, he can hit extremely high notes without sounding strained.

He often adjusts his singing style to fit the ambience of a song, and while still recognizable, the sound of his voice can noticeably vary from cover to cover. As such, he is capable of covering songs in almost any genre. He is a fan of indie rock and folk rock in particular, and covers both non-VOCALOID and VOCALOID songs equally as often.

Though he is mainly known for his acoustic arrangements, he has posted covers of songs using bass and electric guitars, and performed the guitar solo for "Smiling - 2nd Anniv. Party !!"Nv.gif; in which he is a vocalist as well. In addition to his skills as a guitarist, he also plays the piano, most notably in his piano arrange cover of "Niji"Nv.gif.

In his namahousous, he usually sings while playing an acoustic guitar, sometimes stringing together songs in either impressive or amusingly strange medleys or mashups. He also occasionally holds impromptu street concerts in real life, giving his fans a chance to meet him in person.

Through Twitter, he has announced that he does not want people to reprint his videos through YouTube, and that they should stop doing so.[2]

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[]

  1. Member of sweetcarrot with Ninzim
  2. Kamikyoku wo Utattemita 7 (Released on October 16, 2013)
  3. Miki Uta (Released on December 18, 2013)
  4. Gekkan eta Vol. 7 (Released on November 06, 2013)
  5. STAGES (Released on March 05, 2014)
  6. Fukashigi Monoyukasy (Released on December 02, 2015)
  7. Tokyo Plugless (Release on February 17, 2016)

Collaboration Units[]

  1. Mimiswi (みみすぃ) with Mimy
  2. S6 with Syantihs, kzt, Kart, KAKERINE and Renoa

List of Covered Songs[]

Notice: This utaite has forbidden reprints. Thus, all links in this playlist link to official original uploads on Nico Nico Douga or YouTube (if the utaite has a YT account).
  1. "Konbini" Nv.gif (Convenience Store) (2010.01.05) (Deleted)
  2. "1925" Nv.gif (2010.04.09) (Deleted)
  3. "Hello/How Are You" Nv.gif (2010.07.31)
  4. "Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume" Nv.gif (Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream) feat. Swi, Mimy and samurai-man (2010.10.31) (Not in Mylist)
  5. "Sakura no Ame" Nv.gif (Rain of Cherry Blossoms) feat. Swi and Mimy (2011.03.01) (Not in Mylist)
  6. "Sangatsu Kokonoka" Nv.gif (March 9th) (Remioromen song) (2011.03.09) (Private)
  7. "Jenga" Nv.gif (2011.04.18)
  8. "Kanade" Nv.gif (Sukima Switch song) (2011.05.04) (Not in Mylist)
  9. "For Fruits Basket" Nv.gif (Fruits Basket OP) (2011.05.05) (Deleted)
  10. "Unhappy Refrain" Nv.gif (2011.05.08) (Deleted)
  11. "Tsugai Kogarashi" Nv.gif (Pair of Wintry Winds) feat. Swi and Yueporu (2011.05.24) (Not in Mylist)
  12. "*tear*" -Acoustic ver.- Nv.gif (2011.06.15)
  13. "Shangri-La" Nv.gif (Soukyuu no Fafner OP) (2011.07.05)
  14. "Risky Game" Nv.gif (2011.07.11) (Deleted)
  15. "Hohoemi no Bakudan" Nv.gif (Smile Bomb) (YuYu Hakusho OP) (2011.07.14) (Deleted)
  16. "Harete Hallelujah" Nv.gif (Hallelujah for Sunny Skies) (Mahoujin Guru Guru OP) (2011.08.10)
  17. "Eh? Ah, Sou." Nv.gif feat. Swi, Mimy, samurai-man, srip and MoroQ (2011.08.21) (Not in Mylist)
  18. "Your eyes only ~Aimai na Boku no Katachi~" Nv.gif (EXILE song) (2011.09.01) (Deleted)
  19. "Niji" Nv.gif (Rainbow) -Piano ver.- (Ninomiya Kazunari song) (2011.09.03) (Private)
  20. "Saa!" Nv.gif (Mamotte Shugogetten! OP) (2011.09.04) (Deleted)
  21. "Icchoume Yukimi Shoutengai" Nv.gif (Yukimi Shopping District on Block One) (2011.09.16)
  22. "Kagaribito" Nv.gif (2011.09.30)
  23. "Lemon Aika" Nv.gif (Lemon Elegy) (Tanaka Itaru song) (2011.10.07) (Private)
  24. "Kanashi" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (RADWIMPS song) (2011.10.08) (Deleted)
  25. "Sayoko" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- feat. Swi and Ninzim (2011.10.10)
  26. "me me she" Nv.gif -2011 Acoustic ver.- (RADWIMPS song) (2011.10.25) (Deleted)
  27. "Guriguri Megane to Gekkouchuu" Nv.gif -SINGALONG ver.- (2011.11.03)
  28. "Reckless Fire" Nv.gif (s-CRY-ed OP) (2011.11.11) (Deleted)
  29. "BadBye" Nv.gif (2011.11.13) (Deleted)
  30. "FOR REAL" Nv.gif (Gensoumaden Saiyuki OP) (2011.11.20) (Deleted)
  31. "Smiling" Nv.gif -゚+。:.✪ 2nd Anniv. Party !! ✪.:。+゚- feat. Mimy, MoroQ, Yueporu, Swi, Kurokun, Ponge, Daikon, rick, Sonotoki, majico, Suzume, Akatin, Aruku Seikyouiku, srip, RK✿, Bis, Ashinaga Ojisan, Ali, Yorukichi, samurai-man, Miteki, Faibon, Nico, Nata and Shiroiienosora (2011.12.13) (Not in Mylist)
  32. "Snow Smile" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- feat. Swi and Dranodi (chorus) (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2011.12.18)
  33. "Ai" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (Hata Motohiro song) (2011.12.29)
  34. "Envy Catwalk" Nv.gif (2012.01.07)
  35. "Headphone Actor" Nv.gif (2012.01.14)
  36. "Maji LOVE 1000%" Nv.gif (Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% OP) feat. Swi, samurai-man, Ashinaga Ojisan, Mimy, Error and srip (2012.02.05) (Deleted)
  37. "Nekomimi Archive" Nv.gif (Cat Ear Archive) (2012.03.19)
  38. "Konoha no Sekai Jijou" Nv.gif (Konoha's State of the World) (2012.04.02)
  39. "Kagerou Days" Nv.gif (Heat-Haze Days) (2012.04.06)
  40. "Piano Lesson" Nv.gif -SINGALONG ver.- (2012.04.15)
  41. "Pane dhiria" Nv.gif (2012.04.29)
  42. "Bokura no Let It Be" Nv.gif (2012.05.30)
  43. "Souzou Forest" Nv.gif (Imagination Forest) (2012.06.02)
  44. "Jutenija" Nv.gif (Wind) (2012.06.17) (Private)
  45. "one's future" Nv.gif (Kud Wafter main theme) (2012.06.25) (Private)
  46. "DORCHADAS" Nv.gif (Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a beautiful tomorrow~ main theme) (2012.06.26) (Private)
  47. "Madara Cult" Nv.gif (2012.07.01)
  48. "Bokura no Natsu no Yume" Nv.gif (Our Summer Dream) (Summer Wars main theme) (2012.07.20)
  49. "Tsumugi Uta" Nv.gif (Spinning Song) (2012.08.05)
  50. "Enamel to Ribbon" Nv.gif (Enamel and Ribbon) (2012.08.10) (Private)
  51. "ESCAPE" Nv.gif (MOON CHILD song) (2012.08.13) (Private)
  52. "Shiryo Suru Zombie" Nv.gif (Thoughtful Zombie) (2012.08.17) (Private)
  53. "Futarigoto" Nv.gif (Things About Us) -Acoustic ver.- (RADWIMPS song) (2012.08.17)
  54. "me me she" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (RADWIMPS song) (2012.08.24)
  55. "TAKE ME HIGHER" Nv.gif (V6 song) feat. Syantihs, kzt, Kart, KAKERINE, Swi and Renoa (2012.09.02) (Not in Mylist)
  56. "Tasogare Surround" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (RIP SLYME song) (2012.09.09)
  57. "Tawagoto Speaker" Nv.gif (Nonsense Speaker) -Acoustic ver.- (2012.09.13)
  58. "Sarishinohara" Nv.gif (2012.10.31)
  59. "Maji LOVE 1000%" Nv.gif (Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% OP) -Remastered ver.- feat. Swi, samurai-man, Ashinaga Ojisan, Mimy, Error and srip (2012.11.21) (Not in Mylist)
  60. "Flying Get" Nv.gif -Acoustic Session- feat. Swi and dôa (AKB48 song) (2012.12.01)
  61. "Natsuiro" Nv.gif -Acoustic Session- feat. Swi and dôa (Yuzu song) (2012.12.01)
  62. "Gekkou Shokudou" Nv.gif (Moonlight Restaurant) -Acoustic ver.- (2012.12.16)
  63. "Snow Smile" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2012.12.18)
  64. "Mr.Music" Nv.gif feat. Swi, Ashikubi, Mimy, Renoa, Gasyu, Koppe and Galyu (2012.12.25)
  65. "Kirai na Hito" Nv.gif (The People I Hate) (2013.01.13)
  66. "Hijitsuzai Shounen wa Nemuranai" Nv.gif (The Nonexistent Boy Never Sleeps) (2013.01.14)
  67. "WAVE" Nv.gif (2013.01.20)
  68. "Reckless Fire" Nv.gif -retake- (s-CRY-ed OP) (2013.03.07) (Deleted)
  69. "Yobanashi Deceive" Nv.gif (Night Talk Deceive) (2013.03.10)
  70. "HAPPY" Nv.gif (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2013.04.12)
  71. "True" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (2013.05.03)
  72. "Chikyuu no Akichi" Nv.gif (The Earth's Vacant Land) (2013.05.19)
  73. "Oshakashama" Nv.gif (Buddha) (RADWIMPS song) -Acoustic ver.- (2013.05.26)
  74. "Uroko" Nv.gif (Fish Scale) (Hata Motohiro song) -Acoustic ver.- (2013.08.26)
  75. "Ayano no Koufuku Riron" Nv.gif (Ayano's Theory of Happiness) -Acoustic ver.- (2013.09.01)
  76. "Buriki no Dance" Nv.gif (Tin Plate Dance) (2013.09.12)
  77. "Donut Hole" Nv.gif (2013.10.29)
  78. "Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo" Nv.gif (The Transient Apple Salesgirl) -Acoustic ver.- (2013.12.28)
  79. "Tsukiakari" Nv.gif (2014.02.06)
  80. "Good Morning, Polar Night" Nv.gif (2014.03.22)
  81. "12-Gatsu to Sora" Nv.gif (2014.04.13)
  82. "DADA" Nv.gif (RADWIMPS song) -Acoustic ver.- (2014.08.10)
  83. "Himawari no Yakusoku" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (2014.08.19)
  84. "Genki wo Dashite" Nv.gif -Acoustic ver.- (2014.10.05)
  85. "Kokoronashi" Nv.gif (No Heart) (2014.11.18)
  86. "Yoake to Hotaru" Nv.gif (Dawn and Fireflies) (2015.03.01)
  87. "Eine Kleine" Nv.gif -Acoustic guitar- (2015.03.17)
  88. "Amekigoe Zankyou" Nv.gif (Echo of My Voice in the Rain) -Acoustic Guitar- (2015.12.18)

Songs on TmBox[]

Notice: Due to the shutdown of TmBox, those links will not work anymore.

All links are redirected to the original of the song on TmBox.

  1. "trick art!" -Short ver.- (2011.09.18)
  2. "Nagori Yuki" (Vestiges of Snow) -Short ver.- (Hata Motohiro song) (2011.09.25)
  3. "Babylon" (2011.10.03)
  4. "BadBye" -Re-Mixed ver.- (2011.10.03)
  5. "Sayoko" -Acoustic ver.- (2011.10.07)
  6. "Kanashi" -Acoustic Short ver.- (RADWIMPS song) (2011.10.08)
  7. "Tsuki no Waltz" (Waltz of the Moon) (Isayama Mio song) (2011.10.22)
  8. "Shin'on" (Heartbeat) -Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2011.10.25)
  9. "DIVE TO BLUE" -Short ver.- (L'Arc~en~Ciel song) (2011.10.27)
  10. "Sayonara Midnight" -Acoustic ver.- (Oshiba Hiroki song) (2011.10.29)
  11. "DORCHADAS" -Short ver.- (Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a beautiful tomorrow~ main theme) (2011.10.30)
  12. "Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki" (Tsugaru Strait - Winter Scene) -Short ver.- (Ishikawa Sayuri song) (2011.11.11)
  13. "Amagigoe" (Beyond Mt. Amagi) -Short ver.- (Ishikawa Sayuri song) (2011.11.11)
  14. "Wind Climbing ~Kaze ni Asobarete~" -Short ver.- (Okui Aki song) (2011.11.18)
  15. "Romance" -Short ver.- (PENICILLIN song) (2011.11.20)
  16. "Aishiteru" (I Love You) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Shimizu Shota song) (2011.11.20)
  17. "rain stops, good-bye" (2011.11.23)
  18. "rain stops, good-bye" -Acoustic Short ver.- (2011.11.25)
  19. "Itsuka no Hanashi" (Someday's Conversation) -Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2011.12.25)
  20. "Dawned on Me" -Acoustic Short ver.- (shoikeue song) (2011.12.27)
  21. "Suimin Jikan" (Sleep Time) (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2012.01.04)
  22. "Toryanse" -Acapella ver.- (2012.01.05)
  23. "Hybrid Rainbow" (the pillows song) (2012.01.05)
  24. "Headphone Actor" -Demo ver.- (2012.01.13)
  25. "Niji" (Rainbow) -Original Key Piano ver.- (Ninomiya Kazunari song) (2012.01.28)
  26. "Yawaraka na Gogo ni Osoi Choushoku wo" (A Late Breakfast in the Warm Afternoon) -Short ver.- (Hata Motohiro song) (2012.01.28)
  27. "Kimi to wa Mou Nido to Deaenai" (I Won't Be Able To See You Again) -Short ver.- (Hata Motohiro song) (2012.01.28)
  28. "Babylon" -retake- (2012.02.08)
  29. "Souzou Forest" (Imagination Forest) -Early 2012 ver.- (2012.02.12)
  30. "Shousha Okubyoumono" (Cowardly Victors) -Short ver.- (UVERworld song) (2012.02.17)
  31. "Kimi no Suki na Uta" (The Song That You Like) -Short ver.- (UVERworld song) (2012.02.17)
  32. "Mahou no Ryouri ~ Kimi Kara Kimi he ~ (Magical Cooking ~ From You to You ~) -Acoustic Short ver.- (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2012.03.06)
  33. "Lynne" -Short ver.- (2012.03.06)
  34. "Super Nova" -Acoustic Short ver.- (2012.03.09)
  35. "Alice" -Acoustic Short ver.- (2012.03.09)
  36. "Lemon Aika" (Lemon Elegy) -retake- (Tanaka Itaru song) (2012.03.09)
  37. "Tsumugi Uta" (Spinning Song) -Short ver.- (2012.03.09)
  38. "Unhappy Refrain" -retake- feat. Swi and Yorukichi (chorus) (2012.03.11)
  39. "Mekakushi Code" (Blindfold Code) -Short ver.- (2012.03.13)
  40. "Locolotion" (ORANGE RANGE song) (2012.03.18)
  41. "Melody Flag" -Acoustic Short ver.- (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2012.03.19)
  42. "Michishirube ~ A Road Home ~" (Sign Post ~ A Road Home ~) (ORANGE RANGE song) (2012.03.21)
  43. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni" (When Crooks Laugh) -Tonika ver.- (2012.04.01)
  44. "Konoha no Sekai Jijou" (Konoha's State of the World) -Demo ver.- (2012.04.01)
  45. "Kagerou Days" (Heat-Haze Days) -Re-Mixed ver.- (2012.04.07)
  46. "YES!" (Matsufuji Ryohei song) (2012.04.07)
  47. "Boku Kara Kimi he" (From Me to You) -Short ver.- (Galileo Galilei song) (2012.04.12)
  48. "Aoi Shiori" (Blue Bookmark) -Short ver.- (Galileo Galilei song) (2012.04.12)
  49. "Hello Goodbye" (Galileo Galilei song) (2012.04.12)
  50. "Kasabutabutabu" (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2012.04.12)
  51. "Salaryman no Uta" (2012.04.18)
  52. "Iroha Uta" -Short ver.- (2012.04.22)
  53. "RAINBOW GIRL" (2012.04.22)
  54. "Unbalance na KISS wo Shite" -Short ver.- (YuYu Hakusho ED) (2012.04.22)
  55. "Wild Flowers" -Short ver.- (ZOIDS OP) (2012.04.22)
  56. "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" (1/3 Pure Heart Emotion) -Short ver.- (Rurouni Kenshin ED) (2012.04.23)
  57. "Passion" -Short ver.- (SIAM SHADE song) (2012.04.23)
  58. "Rain" -Short ver.- (SIAM SHADE song) (2012.04.23)
  59. "Kumori no Chihare -Short ver.- (SIAM SHADE song) (2012.04.23)
  60. "Rondo - revolution -Short ver.- (Shoujo Kakumei Utena OP) (2012.04.23)
  61. "DADA" -Short ver.- (RADWIMPS song) (2012.04.26)
  62. "Envy Catwalk" feat. Swi and Yorukichi (chorus only) (2012.04.28)
  63. "Gossip" -Short ver.- (2012.04.28)
  64. "Matryoshka" -Short ver.- (2012.05.01)
  65. "Panda Hero" -Short ver.- (2012.05.01)
  66. "Go Go Yuureisen" (Go Go Ghost Ship) -Short ver.- (Yonezu Kenshi song) (2012.05.01)
  67. "vivi" (Yonezu Kenshi song) (2012.05.01)
  68. "Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume" (Mrs. Pumpkin's Ridiculous Dream) -Short ver.- (2012.05.01)
  69. "Laugh Maker" -Acoustic ver.- (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) (2012.05.01)
  70. "Sexy Luxury ~ Yobiokosu Kiseki ~" (Sexy Luxury ~ Awakening Miracle ~) -Short ver.- (Gakuen Handsome character song) (2012.05.05)
  71. "Madara Cult" -Demo ver.- (2012.05.19)
  72. "Yuukan Collection" -Acoustic Short ver.- (SID song) (2012.05.21)
  73. "Aikagi -unplugged ver.-" -Acoustic Short ver.- (SID song) (2012.05.21)
  74. "Bokura no Let It Be" -Short ver.- (2012.05.27)
  75. "Romance" -Short ver.- (PENICILLIN song) (2012.05.27)
  76. "Usotsuki no Sekai" (A Liar's World) -Short ver.- (2012.06.01)
  77. "Ame" (Rain) -Acoustic Short ver.- (PETROLZ song) (2012.06.02)
  78. "Kisaragi Attention" -Short ver.- (2012.06.04)
  79. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl" (Fluffy-Haired Woodland Girl) -Short ver.- (2012.06.04)
  80. "Chikyuu no Akichi" (The Earth's Vacant Land) -Acoustic ver.- (2012.06.10)
  81. "Chikyuu no Akichi" (The Earth's Vacant Land) (2012.06.10)
  82. "Madobeze" -Acoustic ver.- (Hanaregumi song) (2012.06.11)
  83. "Yuurei Yashiki no Kubitsuri Shoujo" (Hanged Girl in the Haunted House) -Short ver.- feat. Swi and Yorukichi (chorus only) (2012.06.14)
  84. "Hello, Worker" -Acoustic Short ver.- (2012.06.17)
  85. "Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari" (A Tale Of Six Trillion Years And A Night) -Short ver.- (2012.06.17)
  86. "Lego House" -Acoustic Short ver.- (Ed Sheeran song) (2012.06.17)
  87. "Irony" -Short ver.- (2012.06.21)
  88. "Olivia wo Kikinagara" (As I Listen To Olivia) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Anri song) (2012.07.01)
  89. "Akai Sweet Pea" (Red Sweet Pea) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Matsuda Seiko song) (2012.07.01)
  90. "Shiryo Suru Zombie" (Thoughtful Zombie) (2012.07.13)
  91. "Chankapana" (My Dear Woman) -Short ver.- (NEWS song) (2012.07.29)
  92. "Chankapana" (My Dear Woman; NEWS song) -Short ver.- feat. Swi, Raw, Keysuke, uuu and Shimata (2012.07.29)
  93. "Konoha no Sekai Jijou" (Konoha's State of the World) -Re-Mixed ver.- (2012.07.29)
  94. "Kagerou Days" (Heat-Haze Days) -Re-Mixed ver.- (2012.08.01)
  95. "Onaji Hanashi" (The Same Conversations) feat. Swi and Ninzim (HUMBERT HUMBERT song) (2012.08.02)
  96. "Irony" (2012.08.05)
  97. "Futsuu no Machi ~ Fairyland ~" (A Normal Town ~ Fairyland ~) (2012.08.12)
  98. "MORNING GLORY" -Acoustic Short ver.- (Matsufuji Ryohei song) (2012.08.17)
  99. "Children Record" -Short ver.- (2012.08.19)
  100. "Kagerou Days" (Heat-Haze Days) -Acapella ver.- (2012.09.06)
  101. "Souzou Forest" (Imagination Forest) -Acapella ver.- (2012.09.06)
  102. "Bokura no Let It Be" -Acapella ver.- (2012.09.24)
  103. "Bokura no Let It Be" -Higher Key ver.- (2012.09.30)
  104. "Blue" -Acoustic Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2012.10.03)
  105. "Yakou Bus" (Night Bus) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2012.10.07)
  106. "Sayonara, Mata ne" -Acoustic Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2012.10.07)
  107. "Yakou Bus" (Night Bus) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2012.10.08)
  108. "Kowloon Retro" -Short ver.- (2012.10.12)
  109. "letter song" -Short ver. (2012.10.14)
  110. "Tsutsumikomu You ni..." (All Wrapped Up...) -Acoustic Short ver.- (MISIA song) (2012.10.21)
  111. "Moumoku no Uchuu Hikoushi" (The Blind Astronaut) (2012.10.21)
  112. "Zutto Sono Mama" (Always, Like This) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2012.10.23)
  113. "Natsu Yuusora" (Summer Evening Sky) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Natsume Yuujinchou ED) (2012.10.25)
  114. "Yakou Bus" (Night Bus) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2012.10.29)
  115. "Asa ga Kuru Mae ni" (Before Morning Comes) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Hata Motohiro song) (2012.10.29)
  116. "Daisuki da yo." (I Love You.) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Otsuka Ai song) (2012.11.13)
  117. "Hanare, Banare" (To Leave, And Separate) -Acoustic ver.- (2012.11.17)
  118. "Uta Utai no Ballad" (A Ballad I'd Like To Sing) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Saitou Kazuyoshi song) (2012.11.17)
  119. "Ai" (Indigo) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Sukima Switch song) (2012.11.21)
  120. "Paradichlorobenzene" -Short ver.- (2012.12.09)
  121. "Hitorinbo Envy" (Solitary Hide and Seek Envy) -Acoustic Short ver.- (2012.12.11)
  122. "IVY" -Acoustic Short ver.- (Fullkawa Honpo song) (2012.12.11)
  123. "Boku Note" (Sukima Switch song) (2012.12.15)
  124. "WAVE" -2012 ver.- (2012.12.18)
  125. "Matryoshka" (2012.12.19)
  126. "Koisuru Shippo" (A Tail of Love) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Teshima Aoi song) (2012.12.23)
  127. "Sayonara COLOR" -Acoustic ver.- (SUPER BUTTER DOG song) (2012.12.30)
  128. "Karaage no Uta" -Acoustic ver.- (2013.01.04)
  129. "Kimi no Oto" (Your Sound) -Short ver.- (2013.01.04)
  130. "Kimi no Oto" (Your Sound) (2013.01.07)
  131. "Koisuru Shippo" (A Tail of Love) -Acoustic ver.- (Teshima Aoi song) (2013.01.11)
  132. "Hotarubi" (Firefly Lights) -Short ver.- (2013.01.16)
  133. "I won't say" -Acoustic Short ver.- (shoikeue song) (2013.02.01)
  134. "Aoi Bench" (Blue Bench) -Acoustic Short ver.- feat. Swi and his younger brother (SASUKE song) (2013.02.06)
  135. "Roufuufu" (Elderly Couple) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Hoshino Gen song) (2013.03.04)
  136. "Baka no Uta" (A Song of Idiots) -Acoustic ver.- (Hoshino Gen song) (2013.03.06)
  137. "Barabara" (In Pieces) -Acoustic ver.- (Hoshino Gen song) (2013.03.06)
  138. "IVY" -Acoustic ver.- (Fullkawa Honpo song) (2013.04.02)
  139. "Hanare, Banare" (To Leave, And Separate) -Acoustic ver.- (2013.04.14)
  140. "Ubazakura" (Faded Beauty) -Acoustic Short ver.- (KENZO song) (2013.04.22)
  141. "Santa Maria" -Acoustic Short ver.- (Yonezu Kenshi song) (2013.04.24)
  142. "E-mail" (Sleep Mail) -Acoustic ver.- (Dejikogi song) (2013.04.28)
  143. "Guren no Yumiya" (Crimson Bow and Arrow) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Shingeki no Kyojin OP) (2013.05.07) (Taken down on TmBox)
  144. "Kaede" (Maple) -Acoustic Short ver.- (Spitz song) (2013.06.01)
  145. "Tasogare Surround" (Twilight Surround) -nekobolo remix- (RIP SLYME song) (2013.06.02)
  146. "Ano Koro no Mama" -Acoustic Short ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2013.06.02)
  147. "Mugen" (Fantasy) (Touhou) (2013.06.04)
  148. "Buriki no Dance" (Tin Plate Dance) -Short ver.- (2013.06.10)
  149. "Yankee Boy Yankee Girl" -Short ver.- (2013.06.22)
  150. "Ano Koro no Mama" -Acoustic ver.- (Kikuchi Ryota song) (2013.08.07)
  151. "Haiboku no Shounen" (The Defeated Boy) -Short ver.- (2013.08.15)
  152. "Kamisama Nejimaki" (Wind-Up God) -Short ver.- (2013.08.15)
  153. "Piano Lesson" -asp mix Short ver.- (2013.08.30)
  154. "Hanare, Banare" (To Leave, and Separate) -Acoustic Short ver.- feat. Swi and cacico (2013.09.03)
  155. "Alice" -Acoustic Short ver.- feat. Swi and cacico (2013.09.03)
  156. "Buriki no Dance" (Tin Plate Dance) (2013.09.11) (Taken down on TmBox)
  157. "Snow Smile" (BUMP OF CHICKEN song) -Acoustic Short ver.- (2013.09.15)
  158. "Shotgun・Lovers" -Short ver.- (2013.10.03)



Swi, as seen in his community icon
Illust. by Ram (ラム)
Swi, as seen in his Twitter icon
Illust. by Ram (ラム)
Swi Smiling guitar.png
Swi as seen in "Smiling"Nv.gif -+。:.✪ 2nd Anniv. Party !! ✪.:。+゚-
Illust. by 96
Swi (left) and Dranodi (right) as seen in their acoustic arrange of "Snow Smile"Nv.gif
Illust. by ako
E-Aa-Sou moro-srip-swi-sam-mimy.png
Left to right: MoroQ, srip, Swi, samurai-man and Mimy as seen in "E? Aa, Sou."Nv.gif
Illust. by srip's friend.
Swi in real life as seen on his tumblr.
Toukyou Plugless.png
Left to right: Swi, kain and rairu as seen in "Tokyo Plugless"
Illust. by Arakawa Masao (荒川眞生)


  • He was born and raised in Hokkaido and currently lives in Sapporo.[1]
  • He has a younger brother, who can also sing and play the acoustic guitar.[3]
  • He has been playing the guitar since Christmas 2009.[4]
  • He is sometimes identified with the Pokémon Suicune, due to the similarity in pronunciation between "Swi-kun" and Suicune's Japanese name (スイクン, Suikun).
  • He is 181 cm tall (6'0")[5] and weighs 60 kg (132 lb)[6].
  • His favorite manga is Yotsuba&.[7]
  • He looks up to and admires fellow utaite Aerogel, citing him as an inspiration to start singing himself.[8]

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