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A sample of a cover song by TBK
"Hirari, Hirari", composed by TamazP

TBK is an French singer with a calm and low, mature voice. She primarily sings peaceful and melancholic songs.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of VocaRYTHMN (in the YTChorus Chorus Battle)
  2. Member of Hy★kki Y★kõ (in the Serendipity Chorus Battle)
  3. Member of Appassionato Cantabile (in the Teacup Trio Battle)
  4. Member of Toki no Utau (in the Nostalgia Chorus Celebration)
  5. Member of CRIMSON★CROWN (in the Legend Chorus Wars)
  6. Member of SHiKi (in the Murasagi Mini Duet Gala 2014)
  7. Member of Celesteal☆ with Yunyunsae and Un3h (in the TTB2015)
  8. Member of Asteria with RafScrap (in the Murasagi Mini Duet Gala 2016)
  9. (Crest -music circle-) featured singer and lyricist.
  10. Member of No Time No Tune (Youtaite band in France).
  11. Crest - Chronos wa Yume wo Minai album (Released on May 11, 2015)
  12. ALYS - Eveil album (Released on September 11, 2015).
  13. Crest - Kyosuu no Naka ni Tsuki no Dezuru album (Released on December 30, 2015).
  14. Crest - Dual Circulation 雙重循環 album (Released on May 08, 2016).
  15. ALYS - Espoir album (Released on June 15, 2016).
  16. Crest - Dual Circulation Ⅱ 南柯一夢 album (Released on August 13, 2016).
  17. Member of Asteria (in the Murasagi Mini Duet Gala 2016).
  18. HAF Records label's singer.

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "God Knows" (2009.10.24)
  2. "Tabi no Tochuu" (2009.12.29)
  3. "Tabi no Tochuu" feat. Playamount (2010.01.17)
  4. "Strength" (2010.02.14)
  5. "Gravity" (2010.04.08)
  6. "Cendrillon" -Guitar ver.- (2010.05.30)
  7. "Inner Universe" -Acapella ver.- (2010.06.05)
  8. "Sakura no Ame" feat. YTChorus (2010.06.07)
  9. "Ichiren Takushou" (2010.08.27)
  10. "Love is War" -French ver.- (2010.11.07)
  11. "Love is War" -French ver.- feat Hello Foxy group (2011.03.28)
  12. "Overseas Voice" (2011.05.20)
  13. "Toeto feat. (2011.11.12)
  14. "Negai" feat. Kuta(2011.11.20)


  1. "Little Traveler" (2013.12.25)
  2. "Great Escape" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. Hy★kki Y★kõ (2014.02.08)
  3. "KiLLER LADY" (2014.02.13)
  4. "Le rouge est amour" feat. TBK, Aireenn, Aya, Bunny, Darn, Kerri, Little-Chip, Maaya, Megumi, SukinaK and Sumashu (2014.04.01)
  5. "Yells ~ It's a beautiful life ~" feat. Guilty Chorus & Co. (2014.04.12)
  6. "Rains of Castamere" -Acapella ver.- feat. TBK and Plume (2014.04.22)
  7. "Hirari, Hirari" (2014.05.12)
  8. "Yami no Kuni no Alice" (Entry of the Teacup Trio Battle) feat. Appassionato Cantabile (2014.07.12)
  9. "Time Distortion" (Entry of the Nostalgia Chorus Celebration) feat. Toki no Utau (2014.07.14)
  10. "Gravity (Wolf's Rain)" (Entry of the Teacup Trio Battle) feat. Appassionato Cantabile (2014.08.08)
  11. "Soleil" -French ver.- (2014.09.05)
  12. "Unravel" -French ver.- (2014.09.09)
  13. "Katayoku no Tori" feat. CRIMSON★CROWN (2014.09.15)
  14. "L'arbre du pendu (Hanging Tree) - Hunger Games" -Acapella ver.- (2014.11.24)
  15. "Hana Souka" (Entry of the MMDG14) feat. Masumi (2014.12.17)
  16. "Avenir" feat. Raku (2014.12.26)
  17. "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" (Entry of the MMDG14) feat. Masumi (2015.01.17)
  18. "Karakuri 卍 Burst" (Entry of the MMDG14) -Japanese-French-German ver.- feat. Masumi (2015.02.12)
  19. "Imperfect Flower" (Entry of the SV2015) feat. NniA (2015.02.17)
  20. "The Bad Moon -English ver.-" with Crest music circle (2015.05.09)
  21. "Histoire Millénaire (Original)" with Crest music circle (2015.05.09)
  22. "Light My Fire" (Shakugan no Shana III OP) (Entry of the TTB2015) feat. Celesteal☆ (2015.06.20)
  23. "Omake Pfadlib" (Entry of the TTB2015) feat. Celesteal☆ (2015.07.29)
  24. "Monochrome no Kiss" feat. FalKKonE.
  25. "Hunters Village (LineAge 2)" feat Dryante.
  26. "Toeto (YTChorus)"
  27. "Between the Sheets" feat. Chiruru, Ebiko, Mayu, Megumi, My-ëVe, Sainte Seïa, TBK.
  28. "The Winter's Tale -World Edition-" feat. Akane Sasu Sora, Kal, Luna, NiNa, Reion, TBK, and Mima (2015.12.30)
  29. "Persephoneia" with Crest music circle (2016.01.04)
  30. "Astronauts" feat. misaaya, Ebiko, Little-Chip, NOKiE, Densha, Yamiku, negi, Sainte Seïa, Hani, Aly, Luciana.a, fuwarin, and Riku (2016.02.11)
  31. "Netsujou no Spectrum" -TV Size ver.- (2016.03.17)
  32. "Stark Theme" (Game of Thrones song) feat. TBK and Vulkain (2016.05.29)
  33. "Une Lune sans nuit" with Crest music circle (2016.05.29)
  34. "Les Portes d'Arcadia" with Crest music circle (2016.08.11)
  35. "Natsuhiboshi (Naruto)" (2016.10.06)
  36. "Endless Starlight ~Inochi no Kirameki~" (Star Guardian OP) (2016.10.21)
  37. "The Curse of the Sad Mummy" (2016.11.03)
  38. "Ai no Shiren (Ordeal of Love) (Entry of the MMDG16) feat. Asteria (2016.11.20)
  39. "Jougen no Tsuki" (Entry of the MMDG16) feat. Asteria (2016.12.18)
  40. "Louve d'Automne" with Crest music circle (2016.12.29)
  41. "Dark Song (Nohr Version)"(2017.02.16)
  42. "Link - Circle of Friends" feat. Lea Ansella, ATEL,Raku, Joe. (2017.03.13)
  43. "The Weight of the World (French ver.)" (2017.04.13)


TBK by raeyxia
TBK OC reference by Raeyxia
TBK's logo
TBK by Noriko Hayashi
TBK by Noriko Hayashi
Polymorphose oc
Avatar on "Polymorphose" album cover by Saphirya


  • She is a fox worshiper and often appears as a kitsune.
  • She used to wear her kitsune mask (the one on the logo) for conventions and IRL meetings.

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