FANDOM Ryoukun is a ulzzang (sorry for lack of better word)??? he wearing circle lens in his pictures @.@ well I guess that makes him fashionable eh? Starikun 21:20, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

ulzzang boy xD Edit

LOL well, Id say that hes a stylish bishounen( his hair cut, clothes*.* ). hes likes justin davis stuff. yea, hes an ulzzang XDDD eventhough i dont think he need circle lenses at all. already very handsome without those lol . fact is that he got a very attractive face in my opinion lol. best looking utaite( which has shown their faces ). first time heard his voice: thought hes got a very, very beautiful voice(ideal bf voice to me ^^ so my number #1 male utaite). first time saw his face, thinking : yea, sometimes the world is rly unfair XDDDDD. ryo-kun= angelic voice+ hot look! sry, if it comes to ryo-kun, i cant stop fangirling ^^ pardon xD Crystellaris