The first Teacup Trio Battle or TTB was a YouTube chorus battle that took place over the summer of 2014, from June to September. It was hosted by saint ♔, who was one of the four judges, along with Vulkain (the March Hare), Chase (the Dormouse), and Jefferz (the Mad Hatter).[1]

Each group consisted of 3 singers, and any number of support members (including animators, mixers, artists, translyricists, etc). Groups were also allowed to, on two occasions, swap out a singer for another (who is not already on another team) for one round.[1] Judging was based on visuals (12/60), mix (22/60), vocals (17/60), and scripting/song choice (8/60).[2] For more thorough judging info, you can see the Information Document. The battle also had "honorary titles" which gave out one bonus points, awarded by judges to groups for going above and beyond in some aspect.[1]

Entries were required to be in mostly English, Korean or Japanese, and were accepted from any genre, including anime, VOCALOID, and even western musicians.[1] Round 1 was open to anyone and (126/127?) teams participated.[3] Fifty moved onto round 2, and 10 moved onto the final round.[1]

The winning trio of the battle was ◣éclair, and the runner-up group was Raw Squid Foam.[4] First place members received a prize of either cookies or 1 teacup of desired colour/design and an earl gray tea bag, while the runners-up received cookies.[1]

Participating GroupsEdit

  1. The ✧Senpies✧ (Amuri, Jeremy, Warsfeil)
  2. JFK and the G. Nolls (Hartless, Onion, Franky)
  3. Chamomile Sweets (Nazuma, Michiri, Melody)
  4. Check♪Mate (Nacchan, Natz, Kuro-G)
  5. CODE:UNKNOWN (Ken, Toma, Furuya)
  6. TENTAXCON (Tuna, Eniru, NiNa)
  7. CabaiYabai (Min-chan, yutaka, chiE)
  8. тєятíαℓ íηƒυѕíση (❄kyune, CMKC, Yuririn)
  9. Tenshi no POTATO (Ren, Rii, Yachan)
  10. Ala Cana (M-i-ah, k@n, Justice)
  11. L✿li W✿rld D✿mination (Mochi, Kumo, Xyz)
  12. FioRiTura (Awaka, Rosetta, Kassia)
  13. TEG (Team Earl Gray) (Uchuujin, Akemi, Tenshii)
  14. Mizuiro (みずいろ) (Shiro, Shiro, Lapiz)
  15. Appassionato Cantabile (My-ëVe, Syren, TBK)
  16. ◕FRUITY ۝ PICNIC◕ (Lala, Mantiev, Kerri)
  17. Vicecarlone (Aika, Bum, AiQing)
  18. Hat Trick (Mara, Lizz, Lili)
  19. mecoemstar★ (Urara★, cella, Lemon)
  20. LSBH (Lila, Rei, Rivi)
  21. Raw Squid Foam (Howl, Fome, SquaDus)
  22. Zessei Bijin (Serena, Beibi, Miri)
  23. HOMOSlice (MastaH, Leelee, Kori)
  24. Ginger Ale (Alfie, Kal Lollia)
  25. Chachacha (茶茶茶) (Cello, Pretzel, Zukito)
  26. teaM@rie
  27. HoukagoThugLyfe
  28. The Groovy Pad

Round 1 EntriesEdit

Theme: The Mad Hatter's favourite tea is green tea. But why is a raven like a writing desk?

  1. "RESISTANCE" feat. Raw Squid Foam
  2. "Labyrinth" feat. The ✧Senpies✧
  3. "Kimi to Mahou no Monogatari wo" feat. CODE:UNKNOWN
  4. "Splatter Party" feat. TENTAXCON
  5. "Masterpiece" feat. CabaiYabai
  6. "Kazemachi Hello World" feat. L✿li W✿rld D✿mination
  7. "Misterioso" feat. FioRiTura
  8. "Dream Crow's Shadow" feat. Mizuiro
  9. "Yami no Kuni no Alice" feat. Appassionato Cantabile
  10. "Hane Wanaikedo Watashi wa Toberu" (Although I Don't Have Wings, I Will Fly) feat. Hat Trick
  11. "Heaven" feat. Zessei Bijin!
  12. "Mahou Shoujo Koufuku-ron" (Magical Girl Theory of Happiness) feat. JFK and the G. Nolls
  13. "Mayonaka no Ocha Kai" (Midnight Tea Party) feat. Chamomile Sweets
  14. "Hakoniwa no Yume" feat. Check♪Mate
  15. "Terrorism" feat. тєятíαℓ íηƒυѕíση
  16. "Macaron" feat. Tenshi no POTATO
  17. "Poker Face" feat. Ala Cana
  18. "Sayonara no Kawari ni" feat. TEG (Team Earl Gray)
  19. "Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman" (Hetalia song) feat. ◕FRUITY ۝ PICNIC◕
  20. "daze" (Mekakucity Actors OP) feat. Vicecarlone
  21. "Karakuri Pierrot" feat. mecoemstar★
  22. "Soshite Kimi wa Tsuki ni Natta" feat. LSBH
  23. "Yotsuya-san ni Yoroshiku" feat. HOMOSlice
  24. "Bungaku Shounen no Yuuutsu" feat. teaM@rie
  25. "(Original Song)" (unreleased) feat. HoukagoThugLyfe
  26. "(Be Mine)" (unfinished) feat .The Groovy Pad

Round 2 EntriesEdit

Theme: Where did you go? Please wake up the Dormouse, his tea is getting cold.

  1. "Drop Pop Candy" feat. FyRa
  2. "Sasanqua" feat. Hat Trick
  3. "Soushou Innocence" feat. Tokyo Magnitude 420
  4. "Hey, Sleepyhead" feat. Raw Squid Foam
  5. "Astral Domination" feat. Ginger Ale
  6. "Cancerz Drive" feat. ◣éclair
  7. "Yozora ni Tutatsu" (Two in the Night Sky) feat. konpeito*complete
  8. "DOKI DOKI☆MORNING" feat. Fujoshi Mountain
  9. "unravel" -Dubstep Remix ver.- feat. ecstatea
  10. "Kami no Namae ni Ochiru Mono" (One Who Falls at the Name of God) feat. Hanaemi
  11. "My Favorite Things" feat. CabaiYabai
  12. "Paranoia" feat. Mizuiro
  13. "Gravity" feat. Appassionato Cantabile
  14. "Clock Work" feat. вostonтeaᴘarty
  15. "Clock Strikes" feat. ᙠackᙠeat
  16. "Aku no Meshitsukai" (Servant of Evil) -Classical ver.- feat. Forte★Night
  17. "Hotaru" (Fireflies) feat. chu³
  18. "Nekomimi Archive" feat. Laetus∮Traditio
  19. "Samurai Heart" feat. THREE FANCY EGGS
  20. "Kimi Shinita Mouko to Nakare" (Please, Don't Have Laid Down Your Life) feat. ♒ Xєphчr
  21. "Kuroneko" (Black Cat) feat. βєğιŋŋєг'ѕ ζυск
  22. "Reincarnation" feat. Wanmeepuhi
  23. "Akatsuki Arrival" feat. SWUF
  24. "Melancholy of Craspedia" feat. TENTAXCON
  25. "Hotaru" (Fireflies) feat. Clover♣Parade
  26. "I Fall... and Stay Down" feat. Latinga
  27. "flower of sorrow" feat. InfiniTEA
  28. "We are Friends, Aren't We?" feat. fairydust castle
  29. "Crossing Field" feat. Yozora no TRINITY
  30. "Yoru no Soko" feat. The ✧Senpies✧
  31. "Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo" (The Transient Apple Salesgirl) feat. L✿li W✿rld D✿mination
  32. "Jewel" feat. The Oposes
  33. "Lamb." feat. тea-paιn
  35. "Sugar Sweet Nightmare" feat. Blumenkranz
  36. "Painkiller" (SPICA song) feat. Zessei Bijin!
  37. "Aspirin" feat. Kuko: Mi
  38. "Daia no Hana" feat. Hate-tsubu Daidai: Juicy!
  39. "Sensei to Shoujo Soudou Dainishin 「Higaisha no Nikki」" feat. PFT (Prepare for Trouble)
  40. "Recall" feat. Apfelgrün
  41. "Puppet" feat. .:.TeaLectricNight.:.
  42. "Fall Into Unseen Darkness" feat. FioRiTura
  43. "e-scape" feat. Achromatic Garden

Round 3 EntriesEdit

Theme: The March Hare has but 1 sin. Know thyself.

"Telecaster to Hakuchuumu (Daydream and Telecaster)"
feat. ◣éclair
  1. "Butterfly Core" feat. Raw Squid Foam
  2. "Higaimouzou Keitai Joshi (Emi)" (Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl (lol)) feat. FyRa
  3. "Inner Arts" feat. Tokyo Magnitude 420
  4. "You and the World" feat. Hat Trick
  5. "Mienai Kuro ni Ochite Ike/Koi no Himehime Pettanko/Yowamushi na Honou" (Mashup) feat. ecstatea
  6. "Passionate Squall" feat. konpeito*complete
  7. "Karma" feat. Hanaemi
  8. "Freya.sys" feat. Ginger Ale


RawFS R1
Raw Squid Foam as seen in their round 1 entry of "RESISTANCE"
Ilust. by Kuro-mai
RSF-Hey Sleepyhead
Raw Squid Foam as seen in their round 2 entry of Hey Sleepyhead"
Ilust. by Kuro-mai


  • The following year another Teacup Trip Battle was held, TTB 2015, which presumedly is the last one they did.[5]

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