• Hello! I noticed that some of the categories used are 'trap'? And it's even listed on the Nico Nico Dictionary that it's considered a slur in most contexts, so I've been wondering if it's possible to avoid using the term at all and instead use the ryouseirui term?

    It's just that there's a lot of drama and controversy regarding that term nowadays, and I'd hate to see this wiki under fire because of it anytime in the future, and I know that quite a number of people would be uncomfortable with seeing that term being used so freely here.

    I hope my message didn't come off as hostile; and I'm sorry if I'm bothering or anything;;

    And thank you for all your contributions to the Utaite Wiki! (・ิω・ิ)❤

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    • Hellos, and thanks for the message!

      I'm terribly sorry about the late reply m(_ _)m

      About trap and ryouseirui, we use those words distinctly form each other. Trap means someone whose voice sounds of that of a different gender, and ryouseirui means the person can do both voices.

      So if a boy with a very cute and high voice who is incapable of sounding manly in anyway were to be categorized it's a "trap", not "ryouseirui" as he only has a feminine voice, not both.

      This is the reasoning behind the distinction, and why we haven't gotten rid of one or the other.

      I don't know about any ongoing drama and controversy about the term nowadays, but I'd say that in the anime community at least, the word trap is not that controversial given the numerous (and by many beloved) trap characters featured in some anime. I couldn't think of any other word that's used in the anime community to describe a trap (except for hideyoshi for males, but that would just be weird to have as a category ^^;;;;;)

      But it may be useful to rewrite the definition on Nico Nico Dictionary, though I'm not sure if my revision is alright as is ^^;;. If you have any ideas on how to clarify the definition, be sure to tell me :)

      And your message was very polite by the way! :)

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