BLUEBIRD closed this thread because:
    irrelevant discussion started happening
    23:25, January 25, 2019

    Seriously the amount of questions you're posting there is ridiculous... I understand that you may have a lot of questions, but bundle them up in one post, instead of posting so much.

    Also please try to find more appropriate places to post your utaite unrelated questions. Yes we have a board for unrelated topics, but that doesn't mean there are more appropiate place to ask your questions. For example the one about Fukase, your personal wiki, the one asking about what the songs are in a specific video (it wasn't even VOCALOID songs!), or the one about a random street singer in some video.

    For VOCALOID related topics, there is a fairly active VOCALOID wiki. And for wikia related coding issues, contact the guys at the community central. As for what the songs in the video are? Maybe ask in the comments of said video below?

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    • yeah,I noticed my spamous activity long ago;it's a bad habit ; i encounter questions from time to time ;i post it quickly so i dont forgot ; pls lemeno if there any active mirror utaite discussion sites.


      I thought random street singer might fall in utaite catagory.

      i will clean up the mess.

      thanks for letting me know,i am really grateful

      oh,last night I said biribiri-chan that mafumafu wanted to involvement of him in other project to be kept secret;& to become supportive toward those or something like that

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    • i was talking about Fukase from sekai no owari not Fukase VOCALOID 4;

      fukase's sound kinda semi-autoned to me ,i dont know if it's natural it sounds kinda natural ,but gives vibes of autotuned

      but when amatsuki covered this using autotuned ;doesnt sound as good as fukase

      i asked how fukase do so...

      can i ask questons vocal related here?

      i asked about how to code playlist template for personal wiki is & yes,it's offensive >///< ; i should have asked it in template.wikia

      and sorry for all unrelated posts ; Pls warn me before any sort of banning , I really get sacred whenever I am on the verge of being banned ; this wikia discussion part is so helpful

      i messed up languages & thoughts here & in others posts I dont think before write.

      I so much pressured with studies in 1st year college ,english isnt my native lang.

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    • oh, can I use my post in user blog: PromiseKun roughly at massive rate

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    • Go to Utaite Amino (it's an app and a website), or searching for Utaite discord servers if you want to chat with people.

      "I thought random street singer might fall in utaite catagory" Not really and even if, there is no way someone would be able to recognize her from a video, let alone research anything on her, as there are 0 clues in the video you provided.

      Amatsuki seems to have used more autotune than Fukase. See answer to the other post.

      "can i ask questons vocal related here?" No this is my user wall. I probably won't be able to or don't want to answer most questions.

      "oh, can I use my post in user blog: PromiseKun roughly at massive rate" No. It's the wiki's blog, not your own blog. I don't want you to spam the blog section too. You created your own wiki! You're welcome to spam your own wiki, but not utaite wiki.

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    • thanks a lot ; i am stupid >///<

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    • sorry to be annoying, but are you still alive?

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    • you have a very nice voice, but the recording quality seems a bit strange. I hope you become professional in the future.

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    • Do you mean me (BLUEBIRD) or him (Promisekun)?

      Because if you meant him, you could have just written a new message to his wall rather than comment on this one. If you meant me, you could have written a message on my wall.

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    • aw,thnks a lot >///< ; i wanna sing , i am gonna cover dream fanfare,flamingo,rpg,jigsaw... in early January i hv sum exams on december, i am a 11th grader<1st year> in college

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    • i am living dead

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