• Hey,

    I'd appreciate a short explanation as to why you made the changes you did in the Wikia.js.

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    • Looks like that was an error on my part. I did not see the customization that changed it from edit summaries to template preloading. My bad. I have re-added that script as well as it's dependency.

      As far as the Tips, the current code does allow XSS, but it also depends on the Tips.js to have added it. Since they are both under JSRT, I suppose it would be fine to re-enable it even though it's insecure.

      The other edits were due to the fact that the script was assumed to be the former insecure script used for edit summaries. Again, I have secured the script as it was and restored it. My apologies. Thanks for sending me this message rather than reverting it. Again, I am sorry to have caused you any issues.

      (for reference: - the diff is a little dirty, but there's not much different from your last edit. I secured the script, tidied up the code and removed "break"s that weren't necessary.)

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    • Also, FYI, you're exposing your YouTube API key. That might be something else you'd want to find help with how to secure through the Dev Wiki Forum.

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    • Thanks a lot for your good work and for cleaning up my code! much appreciated!

      Yes, I'm aware of that fact. I might ask in the Dev Wiki forum for suggestions on how to better handle that in the future. :)

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