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    • Hello pretty new to Wiki here. I would like to mention that someone has (or the system mistakenly) repeatedly linked the song "Top Secret" in the list of covered songs of the utaite Madotsuki@'s page. I have already removed a bunch of it but there is still a lot left?

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    • Could you perhaps help check out what's going on? Thank you

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    • Welcome!

      Yea the "Top Secret" links appeared in one edit of yours. I suppose the editor messed it up somewhere. It seems to have replaced any occurence of the nnd template with the "Top Secret" links x_x

      I've reverted the page to the last edit before your edits (by RainySkye) and added the "Roki" link again. (Since I suppose that's what you intended to edit ont the page)

      In case anything breaks again, you can also always revert pages by clicking the drop down next to the "Edit" button and going to "History". Or just shoot me a message again ;)

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    • Okay thank you so much!

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    • Very welcome! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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