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A sample of a cover song by Uramanbou
"Ie ni Kaeru to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shindafuri wo Shiteimasu.", composed by HobonichiP

Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP (家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP) or uramanbou is a producer unit[1] of Takahashi You (タカハシ ヨウ, You Takahashi) and his sister is Ryuuguu Tsukasa (竜宮ツカサ, Tsukasa Ryuuguu), also known as Manbou no Ane (マンボウの姉, lit. Manbou's big sister). Their VOCALOID songs, for which Takahashi does the music and Ryuuguu does the illustrations, are known for their humorous, story-telling style.

uramanbou also cover songs, though more seldomly. Takahashi You is more active as a singer and also has uploaded songs and live videos which he performed with his amateur band Pony, as well as had done a joint live performance with fellow producer-utaite AgoanikiP - with his band AGOBOT -, NashimotoP - with Araiyakashiko - and wowaka - with Hitorie -[2]. His sister only has self-covered two of their VOCALOID originals.

uramanbou's voice is nasal, coarse and boyish, however he can equally good make his voice fit much rougher and harsher songs such as "Kutabare PTA"Nv. His sister has a pretty delicate and stable voice.

For more information on uramanbou as a producer, please visit their article here and here on the VOCALOID wiki.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects (Takahashi You)Edit

  1. Member of Pony (ポニー)

List of Covered Songs (Takahashi You)Edit

  1. "Major ni Itta no Maru Matta Punk Yarimasu" Nv (Original) (2012.12.10)
  2. "Thomas Yuukai Jiken 1" Nv (Original) -Pony ver.- (2009.01.28)
  3. "Bunmeidou" (Original) -Pony Live ver.- (2009.05.15)
  4. "Ikanai de Enemy" Nv (Original) -Pony ver.- (2009.07.23)
  5. "Byouki Mitai ni Kimi ga Suki" Nv (Original) -Pony Live ver- (2009.08.17)
  6. "Shotaimen de Hiji wo Mameru Bu" Nv (Original) -Pony Live ver.- (2009.12.06)
  7. "Kachou, Watashi no Oshiri Sawaranai de" Nv (Original) -Pony Live ver.- (2009.12.06)
  8. "Saran Wrap de Origami Suru Youna Ningen ni Naritai" Nv (Original) -Pony Live ver.- (2009.12.06)
  9. "Kutabare PTA" Nv (2010.05.31)
  10. "Ie ni Kaeru to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shindafuri wo Shiteimasu." Nv (2010.07.30)
  11. "Same no Shitai wo Touki Suru dake no Kantan na Oshigoto desu" Nv (2012.02.20)
  12. "Kuwagata ni Chop Shitara Timeslip Shita" Nv (2012.08.02)
  13. "Nenchakukei Danshi no 15 Nen Nechinechi" Nv (A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years) -Acoustic ver.-
  14. "Kimi to Boku / the Little Ones" Nv (2014.04.28)
  15. "Kasa no Shita ni Ame ga Furu" Nv (Rain Under the Umbrella) -Acoustic ver.- (2014.07.29)

List of Covered Songs (Ryuuguu Tsukasa)Edit

  1. "Sweet Float Apart" Nv (2012.04.09)
  2. "Ie no Ura de Manbou ga Shinderu" Nv (2012.04.21)

Discography (Takahashi You)Edit


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Takahashi You in real life as seen on Twitter
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