aka Sen

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in my House
  • I was born on April 3
  • My occupation is a Student
  • I am a Female

Status: To say so bluntly, I've gotten tired of editing here. Also my interest in Utaite is no longer the same as when I first started editing here in 2011. So on the most part you will probably no longer see me here. But even so I can't help but check back every few months or so hmm?

One day my interest might be rekindled but for now it is but a dying flame. Haha I sound so dramatic don't I?

Perhaps there may be a time where I may come back to work on the overall design of the site as a small project like I had intended but that is an uncertainty as well.

So for now, Goodbye.

**Please don't directly ask me for song reviews. I appreciate that you value my(/our) opinions but please post them over in this forum board.

If you want to ask/tell the admins (or any editors in general) something just do so over at the Forum! All of the admins will know right away if you've posted there plus a nice feature of it is that you can comment anonymously :>

P.S. For any questions editing related, check out the Tutorial first! It has a lot more info than you'd think :>

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