• Edit:wtf I noticed I spelled ryouseirui wrong the whole time XD What I get when typing at 2 am and lacking sleep orz sorry ><

Just wondering, what's considered a ryouseirui? I know that they can sing in the opposite gender's range, but to what extent whould they be considered ryoserui? Before I always took information from NicoNicoDictionary [like only add the trap tag if the singer is mentioned to be a ryouseirui in NNDictionary], but I noticed that sometimes there're some outliers...

For instance, Kony can really sound like a girl if he wants to. He never really sang a full song with his girly voice, but if you listen to his talk videos and some parody videos, he sounds really feminine and intentially does so. Two bad examples from a full song would be celluloid or Hachimitsu I guess. Most of the people I talked to who heard Kony before thought he was a girl at first, so I categorized him as a ryouseirui. But on NNDic, they don't mention him being a ryoserui at all. In fact, they don't even mention about him having a shota voice or say that he sings with a falsetto and a head voice rather than his normal voice [qualities/techniques of a ryoserui, and his pronounciation is mostly feminine in his "girl-voice" songs; I considered him to have a shota voice since Rimokon said that Kony sounds like a shota]. Though, compared to most NNDics, Kony's page is relatively incomplete. I was hesitant to rely on NNDictionary for Kony's entries because of that; I didn't put much discription on his voice because I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate/accurate since NNDic didn't have it. I ended up using my own judgement, but I don't know whether I'm right or not so I need some basic criteria for what makes a ryouseirui. If I have some guidelines to follow, I think I might be able to categorize more singers with better accuracy. ><

A similar case to Kony's would be Kuroneko's. Here, her voice is considered a ryouseirui, but on NNDic there is no mention of her being a ryouseirui. For the most part, her "guy-voice" singing techniques match the techniques female ryouseirui use, such as using chest voice and diaphragm involvement. [not so much on guy-like pronouncation, but still she does kinda use some] I agree that she's a ryouseirui, but NNDic doesn't consider her to be one. And KuroNeko's NNDic page is really elaborate and detailed compared to other NNDics [far more detailed than Kony's] so her NNDic page should be considered reliable... But I disagree with the fact that she isn't a ryoserui...

What I consider to be a ryouseirui [most important ones bolded]:


  1. sings with chest voice [avoid using head voice]
  2. uses masculine pronounciation
  3. breath techniques [deeper/stronger/more masculine]
  4. more diaphram involvement
  5. usually stronger voice
  6. voice techniques [able to imitate grunting/growling only guys usually can do]
  7. usually "rougher"/more husky voices
  8. alto
  9. not singing for gag reasons [ty Starikun!]

Few examples who fit all of the above criteria: Valshe , PenQianQian, Hitori


  1. sings with head voice [avoid using chest voice]
  2. feminine pronounciation
  3. breath techniques different [lighter/airy-er/more feminine]
  4. less diaphragm use
  5. usually lighter voice
  6. voice techniques [avoid grunting/growling sounds or softer and less rough end notes]
  7. usually smoother sounding voices [when singing as a girl]
  8. soprano
  9. not singing for gag reasons [ty Starikun!]

Few examples who fit all of the above criteria: Sekihan , Piko , Senka

I'm not really sure if my criteria are correct though... [I would deem a singer as a ryoserui if they have most of the criteria and have the bolded ones]