aka PromiseKun

  • I live in Asia,in a dark-silent room
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Utaite/VOCALIST
  • I am Male
  • PromiseKun

    amatsuki's commercial works got out of scroll-box ; i dont know why

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  • PromiseKun

    utaite notebook

    August 15, 2018 by PromiseKun

    |PromiseKun / YUME YUKANO

    15th uurrgh 2018

    found online


    high school light music club - Utaite & VOCALOID 

    only filipino UTCPH n/a discord. gg/ youtaite cht n/a discord. gg/ youtaite inn jenny -san striked me discord. gg/ FACEBOOK

    high school light music club - Utaite & VOCALOID

    youtaite inn. ///< ; this GC consists of animator,mixers,vocalists>
    i dont recommend anymore

    ONLY FILIPINO UTCPH I am a moderator there.

    Amafusuki Fan club LOL

    Google + plus community fuufle pulse is dead

    ambo/keromin's cant …

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  • PromiseKun

    pls let me know which VOCALOID & utaites ur birthdate matches.

    I will be covering on these schedules below

    birthdate: 19th July

    same date as utaite Ren-san | cover his original song

    1 day' after Kagamine Len/Rin 18th July '| VOCALOID song cover & produce one

    2 days after *namarin 17th July | namarin's original song cover


    there are many Utauloids share same date as me but I will be covering & producing using good utauloids only.

    abiding by the utaite community guidelines

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