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15th uurrgh 2018

found online


high school light music club - Utaite & VOCALOID  high school light music club - Utaite & VOCALOID

only filipino UTCPH n/a discord. gg/ youtaite cht n/a discord. gg/

youtaite inn admin jenny / mercury , eden/rhythm , sidcoolrea/sidrea >>> not recommended gc;join there at your own risk,

Warning: severe mental sufferings

youtaite inn. i dont recommend anymore 'Bold text>

ONLY FILIPINO UTCPH I am a moderator there.

Amafusuki Fan club LOL

Google + plus community fuufle pulse is dead

ambo/keromin's cant find

HighSchool Light Music Squad|Utaite & VOCALOID

from bluebird

utaite statics 

utaite tweets' translations

chorus battle

utaite wikia bot :he illustrates for itou kashitarou;amatsuki & other utaites

Miwasiba (みわしいば)

another utaite/vocaloid PV artist who created the character design for Flower V4 and LiEat RPG games

Japanese Content
google 'how to become utaite' in Japanese


After The Rain/soramafu cover song animations


If anyone find any utaite related link,pls lemme know. 



UTAU Utaites can create UTAU voice bank using OREMO<English beta> 

Utaite memes so far
Youtaite CM
voice memes
utaite couple memes

JVA - Japanese Voice Acting

utaite group audition form

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