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  • Starikun


    I'm not sure if everyone can't find the Tutorial or FAQ page but it constantly fustrates me that people always ask the same questions time after time even though they've already been answered.

    I've literally wrote down instuctions, explainations, and guidelines for every possible thing I could think of so that in the case something happened to me or if I left the wiki or something the wiki would still be able to manage itself.

    Jun (BLUEBIRD) and I even tried to make things as easy as possible for new editors but yet...I keep seeing people ask the same questions over and over again?

    Like is everyone just not seeing where the Tutorial or FAQ is???

    Is it really not that obvious or is everyone just that unattentive and don't read? 

    I'm hone…

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  • Starikun

    Singer Spotlight

    July 29, 2013 by Starikun

    As many people have probably already noticed, the wiki has recently added a new section to the front page.
    It is the Singer Spotlight!☆

    The purpose of this is to help introduce singers that people might otherwise not stumble upon in this ever-growing world of Utattemita~

    The singers that are displayed in this section are randomized whenever the page is refreshed so feel free to refresh to your heart’s content (lol)

    For those who are interested in adding a singer to the Singer Spotlight please refer to this tutorial on how to create one. However please be mindful of the requirements to create a Spotlight. We understand that there are many great singers out there but we need to control the amount of pages that are created on the wiki to insure tha…

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  • Starikun

    After some consideration and the interest shown, the wiki has decided to streamline the process of creating a page for a YouTube singer by allowing the creation of such pages without the condition of having to propose and wait for the singer’s acceptance.

    The requirements have also been updated to better represent the figures found on YouTube for YouTube Singers. The new requirements needed to create a page for a YouTube Singer will be as follows,
    The singer must have:

    • A minimum of 1,000 subscribers. 200 watcher leeway is allowed.
    • A minimum of 15,000 views on his/her most popular solo cover. (**Views can be rounded to the nearest hundred). 200 view leeway is allowed.

    Another update is that on the Famous Utattemita Songs pages, YouTube singers, without…

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  • Starikun

    I will be on Hiatus for one week due to some upcoming school related things and a test that will ultimately determine what college I get into DX So I need to totally swear off the computer for noneducational things
    I'm still on a temporary since there still a ton of school related things I need to do orz at least now I'll be able to check the wiki once in awhile and answer questions and such

    So in my absence I'am going to temporarily appoint Bluebird admin, so if you need to delete something or something you can ask her. Asking Yunomiis fine as well.
    Bluebird please don't go on a deleting spree or something since there as some things I do not want to be deleted DX

    Also on a side note, since I don't have time this week and want to get ahead wit…

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  • Starikun

    Welcome new users~

    August 28, 2012 by Starikun

    Looking activity feed I've noticed there's been quite a few new users. Well...Welcome to the wiki I hope you all enjoy your stay!

    Remember, before asking any questions check out the FAQ and/or the tutorial first, your question may have already been answered. Of course you're welcome to ask me anything as well I'malwaysfreehahahah//shot

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