As many people have probably already noticed, the wiki has recently added a new section to the front page.
It is the Singer Spotlight!☆

The purpose of this is to help introduce singers that people might otherwise not stumble upon in this ever-growing world of Utattemita~

The singers that are displayed in this section are randomized whenever the page is refreshed so feel free to refresh to your heart’s content (lol)

For those who are interested in adding a singer to the Singer Spotlight please refer to this tutorial on how to create one. However please be mindful of the requirements to create a Spotlight. We understand that there are many great singers out there but we need to control the amount of pages that are created on the wiki to insure that all pages are as up to the wiki's standards as possible.

The requirements are as follows:

**There is a 100 watcher/subscriber and views leeway allowed.

Utaite must have:

  • 1,000 watchers.
  • 25,500 views on their most popular solo cover.


  • 10,000 views on at least 4 solo covers.

YouTube Singers must have:

  • 500 subscribers.
  • 6,500 views on their most popular solo cover.

When writing a description please keep in mind that it is suppose to encourage people to look at the singer, not put them off. So exaggerated statements are a definite no-no.

For example saying saying “[Singer] is fluent in English!” when the singer obviously isn't no good. “[Singer] can speak English fairly well” or “[Singer] is currently learning English” are more valid statements that can be put in the description.

Without further ado, happy Spotlight creating~ (ゝڡ∂)ゝ☆