After some consideration and the interest shown, the wiki has decided to streamline the process of creating a page for a YouTube singer by allowing the creation of such pages without the condition of having to propose and wait for the singer’s acceptance.

The requirements have also been updated to better represent the figures found on YouTube for YouTube Singers. The new requirements needed to create a page for a YouTube Singer will be as follows,
The singer must have:

  • A minimum of 1,000 subscribers. 200 watcher leeway is allowed.
  • A minimum of 15,000 views on his/her most popular solo cover. (**Views can be rounded to the nearest hundred). 200 view leeway is allowed.

Another update is that on the Famous Utattemita Songs pages, YouTube singers, without a page on the wiki, will only need at least 4,000 views on a cover to be added onto a song page. Songs of YouTube singers with a page do not need any requirements.

Hopefully with these new updates, there will be an increased amount of productivity on YouTube singers’ pages. At the moment there are a lot of empty articles, many of which are YouTube singers’ pages, so it would be very helpful if anyone could contribute~

On a last note if any YouTube singers would not like their picture to be publicly displayed on the wiki please request so here.

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