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"What should I do about such feelings? Can't you tell me? Just a little?"
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A sample of a cover song by Usrm
"Kagerou≒Variation" -English ver.- feat. HaRuK@, composed by HoneyWorks

usrm (うしるむ), formerly Ralmilk (らるみるく), is an utaite who is known for her perfect English pronunciation even from her first cover on NND "BLACK★ROCKSHOOTER"Nv in 2012. The reason for this is because English was specialized subject that she learned in high school.

She has a strong, clear and naughty voice in high range, yet she can make a cool voice with low tone such as in her cover of "FIRST"Nv.

She often sings in duet covers with a male rapper utaite such as HaRuK@ and FM-kun.

She uses the emoji (☆・(∀)・) as her own signature symbol.

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List of Covered SongsEdit

Notice: This utaite has forbidden reprints. Thus, all links in this playlist link to official original uploads on Nico Nico Douga or YouTube (if the utaite has a YT account).
  1. "BLACK★ROCKSHOOTER" Nv -English ver.- (2012.10.21)
  2. "Sarishinohara" Nv -English ver.- (2012.11.14)
  3. "WAVE" Nv -English ver.- (2013.01.09)
  4. "Yoshita, Iedesuru tte yo" Nv (Yoshida, running away from home) (2013.04.07)
  5. "Eien≒Variation" Nv (Shadow≒Variation) (2013.04.11)
  6. "Haiboku no Shounen" Nv (Boy of Defeat) -English ver.- (2013.05.11)
  7. "jewel" Nv feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2013.06.17) (not in mylist)
  8. "Ookami wa Akazukin ni Koi wo Shita" Nv (The Wolf Fell in Love with Little Red Riding Hood) feat. usrm and HaRuK@ (2013.07.10)
  9. "Raspberry*Monster" Nv -English ver.- feat. usrm and HaRuK@ (2013.07.21)
  10. "SILENCE" Nv (2013.08.19)
  11. "Happy Synthesizer" Nv feat. Ralmilk and Chanu (2013.08.30)
  12. "Hajimari no Sayonara" Nv (The Beginning's Goodbye) feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2013.09.23)
  13. "Lingerie Thief" Nv feat. usrm and HaRuK@ (2013.11.16) (not in mylist)
  14. "Okochama Sensou" Nv (Childish War) feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2013.12.03)
  15. "Koshitantan" Nv feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2013.12.09) (not in mylist)
  16. "Matryoshka" Nv -Hard Rock Arrange ver.- feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2014.01.28)
  17. "+♂" Nv feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2014.04.25)
  18. "Namae no Nai Hoshi" Nv (Those Nameless Stars) (2014.08.28)
  19. "Blessing ~Kami Children's~" Nv (~God Children's~) feat. Gib Jr, Olimono*Vaggyna, tear, Miinuko, Tsukasashi, *namirin, Denpo, Nakanishi Rin, Switch, usrm, HaRuK@ and Yukimura. (2014.09.17) (not in mylist)
  20. "Dream Killer" Nv (2014.09.29)
  21. "Kinyoubi no Ohayou -another story-" Nv -English ver.- (2014.10.01)
  22. "fake doll" Nv -Rap ver.- feat. usrm and FlatMan (2014.10.12)
  23. "Sayonara Ryou Kataomoi" Nv (Goodbye to This Mutual, Unrequited Love) (2014.10.22)
  24. "Sayonara Ryou Kataomoi" Nv -English ver.- (2014.10.22)
  25. "FIRST" Nv (2014.12.11)
  26. "Ikkitousen" Nv (Matchless Warriors) -Rap ver.- feat. usrm and FlatMan (2014.12.16)
  27. "Let Me Hear" Nv (Kiseijuu OP) feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2014.12.24)
  28. "Ima Suki ni Naru." Nv (Right Now, I'm Falling in Love) feat. usrm and HaRuK@ (-triangle story-) (2014.12.30)
  29. "Bokura no Saishuu Teiri" Nv (Our Last Theorem) feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2015.01.20)
  30. "Drug Score" Nv (2015.01.30)
  31. "Jitter Doll" Nv feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (chorus) (2015.02.12) (not in mylist)
  32. "Himitsu Danjou no Kankei" Nv (The Secret Relationship of Boys and Girls) (2015.02.17)
  33. "Kagerou≒Variation" Nv -English ver.- feat. usrm and HaRuK@ (2015.03.16)
  34. "Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai desu." Nv (This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee.) feat. usrm, Ruta, HaRuK@ and Jin (2015.04.05)
  35. "Ai Kotoba II" Nv (Love Words II) (2015.04.11)
  36. "Rising Hope" Nv feat. LaLa and usrm (2015.04.13)
  37. "News 39" Nv (2015.05.05)
  38. "Connecting" Nv ✩NewYears(?) feat. usrm, Craft, Komachi, FlatMan, takelu, RISS, Lorё, and LowFat (2015.05.07)
  39. "Ai no Scenario" Nv (Love's Scenario) -English ver.- (2015.05.12)
  40. "Akatsuki Zukuyo" Nv (Moonlit Night) -English ver.- (2015.06.12)
  41. "Kotonoha Yuugi" Nv (Word Game) feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2015.06.20)
  42. "Ijiwaru na Deai" Nv (Mean Encounter) feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2015.07.04)
  43. "Mama" Nv (2015.07.10)
  44. "Saikyouiku" Nv (Re-Education) -ROCK ver.- feat. Zero and usrm (2015.07.15)
  45. "Hello Laughter" Nv feat. Sakura Hotaru, Kumako., Moemin, Ukuna, usrm, and *Yuri* (2015.07.24)
  46. "Tokyo Summer Session" Nv -Rap ver.- feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2015.07.25)
  47. "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv (Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow) (2015.09.01)
  48. "Silhouette" Nv (Naruto Shippuuden OP16) -Rap ver.- feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2015.09.22)
  49. "Koi no Chord" Nv (Chord of Love) -Rap ver.- feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (2015.10.10)
  50. "Heart no Shuchou" Nv (Assertion of the Heart) feat. usrm and HaRuK@ (2015.11.14)
  51. "Girl's Talk" Nv feat. Freesile, Rika, Owan, and usrm (2015.11.17)
  52. "regret" Nv (2015.12.04)
  53. "Ghost Rule" Nv -English ver.- (2016.01.16)
  54. "Pride Kakumei" Nv (Pride Revolution) -Re:mix Rap ver.- feat. FlatMan and usrm (2016.02.16)
  55. "Jinsei Reset Button" Nv (Life Reset Button) (2016.04.11)
  56. "PiNK CAT" Nv -English ver.- (2016.04.26)
  57. "Paintër" Nv ~own way edition~ feat. HaRuK@, Hachimitsu Honey, usrm, *namirin, Tsukasashi, Mirei, sakuya., Akatin, Otouto no Ane, Rio, Zero, Seori, Sonouchi Kimeru, TokoNokoα, Yumeko and Akuru (2016.04.29)
  58. "Koi no Megaraba" (MAXIMUM THE HORMONE's song) feat. HaRuK@ and usrm (chorus) (2016.05.17)
  59. "Wolf" Nv (2016.09.29)
  60. "Antibeat" Nv feat. usrm and Gari (2016.10.30)
  61. "Seiten Zenya" Nv (On The Clear Skies Eve) (2017.01.15)
  62. "Mousou Kanshou Danshou Renmei" Nv (Delusion Sentimentality Compensation Federation) -Rap ver.- feat. usrm, Okaruna, Onyu, Katamuchi, Tamagochan, Ranka, Torysan (rap), and LowFat (rap) (2016.02.06)
  63. "Nichiyoubi no Himitsu" Nv (Sunday's Secret) -Rap ver.- feat. usrm and FlatMan (2017.02.12)

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Usrm icon
usrm's icon, as seen on NND and YT
WAVE - ralmilk
Ralmilk as seen in her cover of "WAVE"Nv
Illust. by Nakano Futaba (中野双葉)
Haruka usrm ookami
HaRuK@ and usrm as seen in "Ookami wa Akazukin ni Koi wo Shita" Nv
Illust. by Nono (のの) , Yagimmy (やぎみー)
Haruka usrm Matryoska
usrm and HaRuK@ as seen in "Matryoshka" Nv
Illust. by Nono (のの)
Ralmilk - FIRST
Ralmilk as seen in her cover of "FIRST"Nv
Illust. by Nono (のの)
Usrm - Aikotoba2
usrm as seen in her cover of "Ai Kotoba II"Nv
Illust. by MakiArt (まきあーと)
Usrm FMkun
usrm (left) and FM-kun (right) as seen on Twitter
Illust. by Benichiru (べにちる)
From left: Rinami Rai, Komachi, LowFat, Craft, FlatMan, usrm, takelu, Lorё, RISS, Benichiru, Yoshi as seen in "Connecting ✩NewYears(?) Edition"Nv
Illust. by Benichiru (べにちる)
Usrm - Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan
usrm as seen in her cover of "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan"Nv
Illust. by Yano (矢野)
Usrm - PiNK CAT
usrm as seen in her cover of "PiNK CAT" Nv
Illust. by Tear (テアル)
Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei - Utaitex8
Usrm by Tear
usrm's current icon
Illust. by Tear (テアル)


  • Her bloodtype is A[2].

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