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A sample of a cover song by VACON
"HATED JOHN", composed by himself

VACON is an utaite rapper and a trackmaker who started uploading on NND from 2012. He has a nasal and flat but calm and confident laid-back voice.

His first video on NND is an original rap song called "HATED JOHN"Nv. It reached nearly 470k views as of March, 2016. Thereafter, this song was covered by some noticable utaite such as SymaG and Wolpis Kater. It also has a dance clip by the odorite Shirahan.

Most of his uploads are rap songs in which he sings with his own lyrics on tracks by himself or by other underground trackmakers. Sometimes he collaborates with other utaite/producers and rappers, such as in his cover of "Bad Romance"Nv featuring GigaP and nqrse or "Queen of Hearts"Nv featuring Shigaisen.

VACON is one of the main producers of StudioLama, often appearing in staff lists of their works, even after he was on hiatus because of his mother's passing away in the summer of 2015.[2]

He officially returned in mid-October, 2017. 

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. TwiRAq (Released on November 21, 2012)
  2. LamaSampler (Released on November 19, 2014)
  3. StudioLama MIC RELAY (Released on April 23, 2015)
  4. COMPILATION ALBUM WWW 2016 (Released on 2016.08.06)
  5. LamaOS (Released on January 28, 2017)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "HATED JOHN" Nv (2012.03.01)
  2. "GIVE ME RHYME!" Nv -MIC Relay- feat. RAP48 (2012.10.01)
  3. "BUST DA VAULT" Nv feat. Akikage, shadow, VACON, Shiganai, Shichiny, Ruta, TeslaCoil and Kirito (2014.03.17)
  4. "Suckie Fxxxie Pop" -minute man version-(2014.11.23)
  5. "Bad Romance" Nv feat. nqrse, GigaP and VACON (2014.12.10)
  6. "Queen of Hearts" Nv feat. Shigaisen and VACON (2015.03.13)
  7. "StudioLama MIC RELAY" Nv feat. Maaku, Chinori, Fuyu, Ryan, A-CONY, Rapsuruman, VACON, nqrse and GGGN (2015.04.23)
  8. "Anarchy Mind" Nv (from RE:AnimeRE:Compilation) (2015.07.04)
  9. "Knowledge" Nv (Original rap song with StudioLama) feat. GGGN, A-CONY, Fuyu, HaGRmA, Serahpyon, Ryan, Maaku, VACON, Rapsuruman, and Moshasuke (2016.08.01)
  10. "tomorrow is another day" Nv feat. Momokiba, Maaku, A-CONY, Ryan, Moshasuke, Fuyu, HaGRmA, Rapsuruman, VACON, and Gigigi no Denirow (2016.12.25)
  11. "Afro Man" (2017.10.16)

Songs on SoundCloudEdit

  1. "HATED JOHN" (2012.08.13)
  2. "RAP48" -Acapella- (2012.10.22)
  3. "HATED JOHN" -Acapella- (2013.01.21)
  4. "HATED JOHN" -Instrumental- (2013.05.13)
  5. "GaGaGa Me" -Instrumental- (2013.07.31)
  6. "Suckie Fxxxie Pop -minute man version-" -Instrumental- (2014.11.18)
  7. "Suckie Fxxxie Pop -minute man version-" (2015.04.21)
  8. "Penguin March" -Ratite Birds Remix- feat. GGGN, nqrse, VACON, Chinori and A-CONY (2015.04.21)
  9. "Queen of Hearts" -Rap Acapella- (2015.05.01)
  10. "RAP48" -Top of 48 RANK ver.- (2015.10.07)

Songs on TmBoxEdit

Notice: Due to the shutdown of TmBox, those links will not work anymore.

  1. "HATED JOHN" -Mashup short ver.- (2014.01.28)
  2. "Happy Halloween × BUST DA VAULT" -Mashup short ver.- (2015.04.16)


For StudioLama albums see here


VACON as seen on NND
Illust. by Moeka (もえか)
VACON as seen on his blog
VACON as seen on his blog
VACON as seen on his blog
VACON pixiv32911999
VACON as seen on SoundCloud and his Twitter banner
Illust. by Rojiko (路地子)
VACON pixiv50194668 p7
VACON as seen in "StudioLama MIC RELAY"Nv
Illust. by Sashimiyama (さしみやま)
VACON as seen on twitter
Illust. by Honato (ほなと)


  • He lives in Aichi.[1]

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