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A sample of a cover song by Vulkain
"Donut Hole", composed by Hachi

Vulkain is a French YouTube singer. His first works on YouTube were guitar covers and then he also began vocal covers with the song "Sayoko".

He has a large tessitura and a powerful voice. He can reach high notes such as in his cover of "Unravel" in French. "Unravel" also becomes his most popular solo cover with more than 200,000 views after 4 months. Besides, his most noticable cover is the duet song "One Punch-Man OP" feat. Anba, which has more than 225,000 views.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[edit | edit source]

  1. Member of ↑Twisted ǝʇɐɟ↓ for Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle
  2. Member of Meshi Kakumei for VocaFX
  3. Member of Umeshu Time for KCEDB2
  4. Member of A LATTE TROUBLE for Serendipity Chorus Battle
  5. Member of CollaboDaisakusen
  6. Member of етea✿real for TTB2
  7. Member of HMMMM for 音&ME’16

List of Covered Songs (vocal)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Sayoko" (2012.11.25)
  2. "Black★RockShooter" (2013.11.02)
  3. "Renai Philosophia (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle) feat. ↑Twisted ǝʇɐɟ↓ (2013.01.19)
  4. "Sarishinohara" (2013.02.09)
  5. "Afflict (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle) feat. ↑Twisted ǝʇɐɟ↓ (2013.03.02)
  6. "No Pain, No Game" (2013.03.20)
  7. "Hikari no Kakera" feat. Elly, Juu, Leia (YT), Megumi, Sabi, Seika, Sumashu and Vulkain (2013.03.31)
  8. "Rescue Fire" feat. Guilty Chorus, Poucet, Nyamai and Vulkain (2013.04.12)
  9. "Drop of Rain -cut edition-" feat. Chishio (Kuraiinu), Nova, VinZ and Vulkain (2013.04.19)
  10. "Pudding Annihilation" feat. Anba, Megumi, Chishio (Kuraiinu) and Vulkain (2013.04.30)
  11. "Empath 144 x Material World (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle) feat. ↑Twisted ǝʇɐɟ↓ and wwwwwwwwww (2013.05.18)
  12. "Planetarium" (2013.05.22)
  13. "Hirari, Hirari" feat. Sumashu, Megumi, Hana (YT), Vulkain, Yamiku, Maaya and Tsuki (2013.06.06)
  14. "Overflow" feat. Chishio (Kuraiinu), Nova, VinZ and Vulkain (2013.06.17)
  15. "Hitorinbo Envy" feat. Sumashu and Vulkain (2013.06.24)
  16. "Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug -remix- (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle) feat. ↑Twisted ǝʇɐɟ↓ (2013.07.19)
  17. "Black Cat" feat. Tsuki, Megumi, Aya, Vulkain, Kuta, Juu, Poucet and Emeraude (2013.07.27)
  18. "Give me moneeeeeeeeeey !!!" (Entry of the KCEDB2) feat. Anba and Vulkain (2013.08.11)
  19. "Ambitious" (Entry of the KCEDB2) feat. Anba and Vulkain (2013.08.29)
  20. "Ichiban no Takaramono" -French Acoustic ver.- feat. Poucet and Vulkain (2013.09.08)
  21. "Jougen no Tsuki" (Entry of the KCEDB2) feat. Anba and Vulkain (2013.09.17)
  22. "Night Walker" (2013.10.31)
  23. "Yasagu Lenka" feat. Anba, Aya_me, Beibi, Eni, Elly, Juu, Kami, Kumaki, Poucet, saint, Sumashu, Tonkhai and Vulkain (2013.11.21)
  24. "Phantom F’s Scenario ~Mistery of the Missing Diamond" feat. Antares, ikon, SquaDus, Kluna, Renna, Usachii, Vulkain, Miri, Reba, Manon and LemonTea (2013.11.26)
  25. "Seisou Bakuretsu Boy" (2013.12.06)
  26. "Tsukihi Tsukiakari" (2013.12.24)
  27. "Yonjuunana" (2014.01.12)
  28. "REBIRTH" (Entry of the SCB) feat. A LATTE TROUBLE (2014.02.09)
  29. "One Punch-Man op." feat. Anba and Vulkain (2014.02.15)
  30. "Twitch Plays Pokemon THE SONG" feat. Shindehai and Vulkain (2014.02.28)
  31. "Arikitari Heroes" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. A LATTE TROUBLE (2014.03.22)
  32. "Forget me Not" feat. Anba, Shindehai and Vulkain (2014.03.28)
  33. "Kashokusei: Idol Shoukougun" (Indulging: Idol Syndrome) feat. Kasuka and Vulkain (2014.04.22)
  34. "Singason" feat. ikon, Lemon, anii, Ciel*, Aqua, Lizz, Vulkain, k*chan, Nyamai, Coda, RO☆D and Renna (2014.04.25)
  35. "Kyoukai no Kanata" feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2014.05.02)
  36. "Dakini" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. A LATTE TROUBLE (2014.05.03)
  37. "Donut Hole" (2014.05.23)
  38. "Party × Party" feat. ikon, Usachii, renna, Reba, Vulkain, and Lemon (2014.04.25)
  39. "Oto no Naru hou he" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. A LATTE TROUBLE (2014.06.16)
  40. "Ambiguous" feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2014.06.27)
  41. "Impulse × Pandemonics" feat. ikon, Vulkain, Fome, Beibi and Reba (2014.07.29)
  42. "Kuroneko" (Black Cat) feat. Aya, Emeraude, Juu, Kuta, Megumi, Poucet, Tsuki, and Vulkain (2014.08.02)
  43. "Youkai Taisou Daichi" feat. Anba and Vulkain (2014.08.25)
  44. "Unravel" -French ver.- (2014.10.01)
  45. "Start it Right Away" -dj-jo Dubstep remix- (2014.10.13)
  46. "Daze" feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2014.10.14)
  47. "Macaron" -Arrange cover- (2014.11.01)
  48. "Kagami no Naka no Memories" (Memories in the Mirror) feat. Aya, Azusa, Bunny, Darn, Hana, Lee, Poucet, Suki, Tsuki-Kyoko, and Vulkain (2014.11.29)
  49. "Courage to Tell a Lie" -Voice acting- feat. Poucet and Vulkain (2014.12.02)
  50. "Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe" feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2014.12.05)
  51. "Undead Enemy" (2014.12.14)
  52. "Anata Dake Ga" (2014.12.24)
  53. "Hikaru Nara" feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.01.09)
  54. "Yume Sketch" feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.01.26)
  55. "Gekkou Junshoku Girl" (Moonlight Embellishment Girl) feat. Vulkain and SquaDus (2015.02.07)
  56. "Trust Me" (Durarara!! ED) feat. Rally, Riina, Vulkain, Fes, Kokoa, Lingle, Tyrol, Asuchii, Migite, Ryoko, Anne, Elly and Ibu (2015.02.14)
  57. "Butterfly on My Right Shoulder" feat. Yumi for SV2015 (2015.02.14)
  58. "Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu" (Seven Crimes and Punishments) feat. Len, SquaDus, Reba, Renna, k, Chinx, Vulkain, and Ryoko (2015.02.24)
  59. "Enigmatic Feeling" (Psycho-Pass 2 OP) -English TV Size ver.- feat. Anba and Vulkain (2015.02.25)
  60. "Akaito" (Red Thread) (2015.03.07)
  61. "Go Your Way" (CNBLUE song) feat. Zessei Bijin!, Vulkain, and Rey (2015.03.15)
  62. "Amazing Break" (Terra Formars OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.04.09)
  63. "The Real Folk Blues" (Cowboy Bebop ED) (2015.04.25)
  64. "Fight For Free vs. Null" feat. *piapom and Vulkain (2015.04.30)
  65. "daze" feat. Saku, Jefferz, Chishio, Doubie, Lurumi, chain., Vulkain, Alfie, Kenta, Anna, Saru, saint♔, and roo (2015.06.05)
  66. "Sugar" (Maroon 5 song) (2015.06.06)
  67. "SHERLOCK" (SHINee song) feat. Arianna, Chad, Claire, Celia, Emiko, Kumo, Line, May, Razzy, Ryan, and Vulkain (2015.06.07)
  68. "Pelagic fish" feat. Caspy, Chishio, Fome, Maeko, minty⁺, Mong, K-chan, KT, Wind, and Vulkain (2015.06.19)
  69. "MIRROR" feat. *piapom and Slayers (2015.07.26)
  70. "Kaizoku F no Shouzou" (Portrait of Pirate F) feat. Dari, Raku, Angela, Vulkain, and Kerri (2015.08.22)
  71. "Hachigatsu Sanjuuichinichi and Party Time" (August 31; New Prince of Tennis ED1) (20 singer collab) (2015.11.19)
  72. "Snow Halation" (Love Live song) feat. Fome, Howl, SquaDus, and Vulkain (2016.01.01)
  73. "Aijou Carnation" (Affection Carnation) feat. .exe, Anna Cairistiona, Saku, Soramin, Mochi, Lurumi, Dari, roo, Tsubame, and Vulkain (2016.01.12)
  74. "Ohisama" (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou ED) feat. Ashley and Vulkain (2016.1.12)
  75. "Unromantic Love Song" (2016.03.20)
  76. "Gekkou Symphonia" (Aquarion EVOL ED) feat. Vulkain and LemonTea (2016.04.02)
  77. "LIBRA" feat. SquaDus, Vulkain, and Yoru (2016.04.28)
  78. "Stark Theme" (Game of Thrones song) feat. TBK and Vulkain (2016.05.29)
  79. "Mysterious Messenger" (Mystic Messenger OP) -English ver.- (2016.11.08)
  80. "THE HERO!!" (One Punch Man OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2017.05.11)
  81. "Datte Atashi no Hero." (My Hero Academia ED) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2017.09.28)
  82. "Dakara, Hitori ja Nai" (My Hero Academia 2 ED) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2018.01.18)

Discography[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

A Latte Trouble as seen in their cover of "REBIRTH"
Illust. by kuro-mai
A Latte Trouble as seen in their cover of "Arikitari Heroes"
Illust. by kuro-mai
Vulkain-q4wE7sX 400x400.png
Vulkain as seen in his twitter
Vulkain YT.png
Vulkain as seen in his YT channel

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a deep love for daikon.
  • He loves eating more than anything
  • He can play guitar, piano, drum and also can draw

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