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YTChorus Chorus Battle, short YTCCB is as the name implies, a chorus battle organized by the VOCALOID based chorus YTChorus which started August 14, 2010, as part of their one year anniversary special.[1]

The groups had to consist of at least 5 members, and any kind of genre was allowed.

For the first round, the results were decided by 70% from the judges, Яin, saiurin, Cir and Fruutella, and 30% by vote from the community, and for the 2nd round, it was 50% to 50%. The entries were judged by originality (10%), singing abilities (20%), teamwork (10%), integration of animation (15%), creativity (15%) and volume balance with mixing (20%).

The grand prize was the chorus to be uploaded on the YTC channel along with the Ending Ceremony video for the YTChorus Anniversary. Also, the group members got a chance to help the judges with the ending ceremony video.

The first prize as a short preview of the chorus to be added in the ending ceremony video.

The grand, first, second and third prize members all received a badge.[2]

The winner was announced to be Banana Kurimu, they also won the subcategory of "people's choice" - being voted the most - . There however where also other subcategory winners; The underdog award was won by Penguin★Beat with their cover of "Toki no Jewel Box", and the best animation went to ►VocaMania!◄ with their "Mousou Sketch" video, created by Yanovi, Aniki, Cherysh and Mystraven. Celestial Chorus with their "hello, see you tomorrow" won the category of the most improved video.

Participating GroupsEdit

Round 1 EntriesEdit

Theme: Eurobeat/Trance/Techno

Round 2 EntriesEdit

Theme: Time Machine

Round 3 EntriesEdit

Theme: glow

  • "Secret glow" feat. ►VocaMania!◄
  • "glow" feat. Celestial Chorus
  • "glow" -Band ver.- feat. Banana Kurimu
  • "glow" -Multilingual ver.- feat. Gorgeous Geek Gang
  • "glow" feat. HANAbira-gumi

Round 4 (Final) EntriesEdit

Theme: judge's pick (different songs for each group)

"Omoide Kakera"
feat. Banana Kurimu
"Mousou Sketch"
feat. ►VocaMania!◄
"hello, see you tomorrow"
-Mashup of "Mata Ashita" and "Hello/How Are You"-
feat. Celestial Chorus


GGG red soul
Gorgeous Greek Gang as seen in their round 1 entry of "Red Soul"
Illust. by Minuiko
Penguin beat toki no jewel box
Penguin★Beat as seen in their round 2 entry of "Toki no Jewel Box"
Illust. by Akemi


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