YouTube singers, alternatively called "Youtaite" at times, are people who posted cover songs using their own voices on YouTube. Since YouTube is an English video-sharing website, the nationality of YouTube singers varies from around the world. "Youtaite" is a portmanteau of YouTube and utaite.

Songs which are covered by YouTube singers vary as well. Vocaloid original songs are one of the most famous to be covered since most of them have their instrumental versions freely shared by the producers for the purpose of covering the song. The other song types are English-language hit songs and English or other language versions of Vocaloid original songs with fan lyrics.

"Duet Ready" SongsEdit

YouTube singers also posted a type of songs called "Duet Ready", which is a specific part of a duet or group song being sung alone by the respective singer. Usually, the singer will sing the whole part by a specific original singer of the song, with the purpose of having the cover song available for mixing for duet or group singing. The permission for using the "Duet Ready" songs varies between singers.

YouTube ChorusEdit

Like Nico Nico Douga, YouTube singers also organize a type of chorus commonly known as YouTube chorus. There are many mechanisms of creating a chorus, but overall it will involve agreement from the singers. This is different than Nico Nico chorus, where choruses are usually made without further agreement or knowledge from the singers, and only needs mixing skills.

YouTube BattlesEdit

YouTube singers from time to time will host group competitions, so-called YouTube chorus battles or duet battles, in which singers will be able to submit an entry, which will then be judged to determine whether they get into the next round or not. Sometimes prizes, such as an illustrated PV or an original song, are offered to encourage singers to participate in the battles.

The popularity of such battles can be seen through that fact that some can have as many as over 100 participating "groups"!

Battles can span for several rounds, with each often revolving around specific themes that groups will have to follow for their entries. The themes can be as abstract as the word, "Sky", leaving groups to their own interpretation(s).

Often, during the course of judging the entries, viewers will be allowed to cast their votes to support their favorite groups which will then factor into a certain percentage for final judging.

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