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A sample of a cover song by Yuria☆
"Sayonara no natsu",From Up on Poppy Hill theme

Yuria☆ (ユリア☆) is an Singaporean YouTube singer who covers mostly anime and Jpop songs in Japanese, and occasionally some VOCALOID and game songs. She has a soft, gentle and calming voice and tends to sing ballads. 

She is also a Studio Ghibli fan and has covered quite a number of songs used in their films. Her favorite Jpop singer is Ayumi Hamasaki.[citation needed]

Her most popular video is Arietty's Song from the Studio Ghibli film "The Secret World of Arietty", with over 120K views.

Yuria☆ is also part of Lunaria, which covers anime and Jpop songs. They first started out performing live at EOY 2014 Singapore with their rendition of "Hikari no Senritsu" by Kalafina.[citation needed]

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  • She was a finalist in the Japanese Association of Singapore's Japanese Song Contest in 2013 with the song "Sayonara no Natsu originally sung by Aoi Teshima as the theme song for "From Up on Poppy Hill". This was her first public performance.[citation needed]
  • She has sung occasionally at Japanese and Anime cultural events in Singapore since 2014.

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